Adetogun, A. C: Publications

Adetogun, A.C. (1989): A revised management plant for Shasha Forest Reserve in Ife Central/South/North Local Government of Oyo-State. Unpublished B.Sc Thesis. Pp 85

Adetogun, A.C. (1990): Comparative testing of cuprinol-clear and cashewnut shell liquid (CNSL) as fungicide against wood rotting basidiomycetes. Unpublished M.Sc Thesis. Pp110

Adetogun, A.C. (1998): Potentials of cashewnut shell liquid as a fungicide against wood decay. Unpublished Ph.D. Thesis. Pp 186

(ii) In Learned Journals:
** (1) Adetogun, A.C. and O.A. Adegeye (2002): Aqueous leaching of cashewnut shell liquid (CNSL) treated wood of Triplochiton scleroxylon K. Schum exposed to basidiomycetous decay fungi. Journal of Tropical Forest Resources 18(1): 69-74.

** (2) Adetogun, A.C. and O.A. Adegeye (2003): In Vitro evaluation of cashew nut shell liquid (CNSL) as a fungicide against wood rotting basidiomycetes. Moor Journal of Agricultural Research.4 (1): 131-134.

** (3) Adetogun, A.C.; O.M. Aina and O.Y. Ogunsanwo (2003): Evaluation of cashew nut shell liquid (CNSL) as a wood preservative using crushing strength. ASSET. Series A 3(4): 55-61.

** (4) Ogunsanwo, O.Y.; A.C. Adetogun and M.I. Mendie (2003): Compressive Strength of Plantation grown Triplochiton scleroxylon K. Schum treated with Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA). The Nigerian Journal of Forestry. 33(1): 40 – 44.

** (5) Aina, O.M., Adetogun, A.C., Ogunsanwo, O.Y and Ajala, O.O. (2003): Comparative Rates of Distortion in Three Indigenous Nigerian Hardwood Lumber Species. ASSET. Series B 2(2):73-81.

** (6) Aina, O.M and Adetogun, A.C. (2003): The utilization of ‘Nail-Lam’ wooden portal frames as components for structural buildings. ASSET. Series B 2(2): 131-139.

** (7) Adetogun, A.C. and O.A. Adegeye (2003): Antifungal Activity of Neem-Oil Against Seed-Borne Mycoflora of Tectona grandis. Journal of Tropical Forest Resources 19(2): 117-125.

** (8) Ogunsanwo, O.Y.; A. A. Erakhrumen; A.C. Adetogun and O. O. Ajala (2005): Strength properties of tapped rubber wood (Hevea bransillensis Murel. Arg) in the University of Ibadan rubber plantation. Ibadan Journal of Agricultural Research. 1 (2): 56-60

** (9) Omole, A. O; Adetogun, A. C and Akinyemi,O (2005): Reduced impact logging of Nigerian Gmelina arborea plantation in Omo Forest Reserve. Journal of Tropical Forest Resources 21 (1): 140-146.

** (10) Adetogun, A.C.; O.M. Aina O.Y. Ogunsanwo and A. O Omole (2006): Resistance of three Nigerian hardwoods to decay caused by brown- and white- rot basidiomycetes ASSET. Series A 6 (2): 205-208

** (11) Adetogun, A.C.; A.A. Sobowale K.M. Ogunjobi (2006): Seed-Borne Mycoflora of Tectona grandis and their control with extract of Ocimum gratissimum ASSET. Series A 6(1): 339-344
** (12) Aina, O.M; Adetogun, A.C; Adedokun, M. O and Onilude, M, M .A. (2006): Alternative Cooking fuels from sawmill wastes. FAMAN Journal. 8. No 1: 45-49.

** (13) Adedokun, M. O; Oyun, A.B; Aina, O.M; Adetogun, A.C (2006): Small-scale, Wood Based Processing Enterprises; Their Characteristics and impact on people of Akure Local Government Area of Ondo- State. FAMAN Journal.. 8. No 1:1-6

*F (14) Adetogun, A. C and A. O Omole (2007): Treatment of Gmelina arborea with CCA using thermal process. Journal of Tropical Forest Science Malaysia 19 (2): 186-187

*(15) Adetogun, A. C; A. O. Adegeye and A. O Omole (2007): Fungicidal activity of cashewnut shell liquid (CNSL) against Trametes cingulata and Lentinus lepideus using Cuprinol-clear as a standard. Obeche Journal. 25 (2): 71-74

*(16) Aina, O.M; A.C. Adetogun and M. F. Adekunle (2007): Promotion of private sector participation in lumber kiln seasoning plants. Journal of Environmental Conservation and Research. 1 (1): 30-40
*F (17) Adetogun, A. C; A.O. Adegeye and A.O. Omole (2009): Evaluation of Cashewnut Shell Liquid (CNSL) as a Wood Preservative Using Weight Loss. Agricultural Journal Pakistan 4 (1): 32-35.

*F (18) Aina, O.M; Adetogun, A.C and K. A. Iyiola (2009): Heat Energy From Value-Added Sawdust Briquettes Of Albizia zygia, Ethopian Journal of Environmental Studies and Management. 2 (2): 42-49

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