Olatunde, G.O: Research

Commissioned Projects:

(i)  Completed

Evaluation and marker-assisted selection of DfID-ARCN-FUNAAB tomato lines for wilt tolerance, higher yield and storability. TETFUND /DGM, FUNAAB Research Grant. June 2015 – May 2016.

Technical and adaptive research on baked and fried products from sweet potato, Sweetpotato for Health & Wealth in Nigeria. CIP-FMARD. SGA No. 20101-000-00-FUNAAB-01. August 2014 – January 2015.

Investigation of optimum processing parameters and functional properties of sweet potato flour for making ‘amala’.Project No. IRG076, IFSERAR, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. November 2011- October 2012.

Sweet potato Value chain study: Exploring opportunities to promote greater exploitation of the benefits of sweet potato in representative states in Nigeria; Project No. B0297, Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich, Kent, United Kingdom. July – November, 2011.

Survey of traditional processing of sweet potato elubo, consumption pattern of sweet potato amala and awareness level of orange-fleshed sweet potato in six South west states of Nigeria Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich, Kent, United Kingdom. March 2011

(ii) Research in progress

Functional characterization of local and improved sweet potato varieties for domestic and industrial use 

Technology improvement, quality assessment and cost analysis of commercializable products from sweet potato roots

Bioactive compounds, starch and protein functionality of sorghum-based food products

Sensory characterization of Nigerian traditional food products for process and product optimization

(iii) Research completed but not yet published 

Quality attributes of extrudates from malted sorghum-wheat flour composites

Functional properties of modified flour from unripe plantain and banana Chemical, nutritional and sensory quality of water extract of sorghum stalk

Effect of fermentation method on quality of sweet potato flour

Effect of different forms of sweet potato supplementation on the chemical and sensory properties of Kunun-zaki (a non-alcoholic fermented millet beverage)

Characteristics of sweet potato puree-wheat flour composite bread

Influence of sweet potato composition and chip storage on functional properties of flour (‘elubo’) and cooked paste (‘amala’)

Influence of composition of sweet potato varieties on colourand texture of fried crisps


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