Bolaji, G.A: Publications

Unpublished Research Papers
• G.A. Bolaji (1987): Design and Prototyping of Low-cost Latrine Water Seal Unit Using Local Raw Materials. Presented at the Faculty of Engineering Seminar, Polytechnic, Ibadan.

• G.A. Bolaji (1988): Groundwater Problems in Industrial Areas of Nigeria. Presented at the Faculty of Engineering Seminar, The Polytechnic, Ibadan.

• G.A. Bolaji (1993): Irrigation Databank for Africa (M.Eng. Dissertation, Catholic University, Leuven).

• G.A. Bolaji (1997): An Assessment of Spring water Supply to small communities in Ibadan. Presented at Sustainable Ibadan Project Workshop (UNCHS).

• G.A. Bolaji (1995): Hydraulics and Hydrology. AENL publishers. Ibadan.

• G. A. Bolaji (1998): Fluid Mechanics; Problems and Solutions. K. A. Publishers Ltd. Ibadan Nigeria.

• G. A. Bolaji (2001): Principles of Irrigation. Printwell Communications Ltd. Ibadan, Nigeria.

• G, A. Bolaji (2008): Remediation of Soil and Groundwater Impacted by Oil Spill. In Adelana, S. O. (Ed.) Groundwaters of Africa. Taylor and Francis Publishers.

Research papers published inside recognized journals.

• Oluwalana S. O., Bankole O., Bolaji G. A., Martins O. and Alegbeleye W. O. (1999): Domestic Water Purification Using Moringa Oleifera Spp. Nigerian Journal of Forestry Vol. 29 (1&2); pp 28-32.

• Bolaji G. A. and Martins O. (2000): Land Use, Pollution and Stream water Quality in Ibadan, Nigeria. Journal of Field Aquatic Studies, Vol. 1, No., pp 36-44.

• Adedire M. O., Bolaji G. A. and Martins O. (2000): Effects of Deforestation on Water Quality and Sedimentation: The Nigerian Experience. Nigerian Journal of Forest Resources. Vol. 13 (2), pp 20-29.

• Bolaji G. A. & Martins O. (2000a): Removal of Heavy metals from Raw Water Using Moringa oleifera Lam. Bioscience Research Communications, Vol. 13, No. 4, pp 393-398. Ilorin, Nigeria.

• Bolaji, G. A. and O. Martins, (2001): On-Site Pollution to Shallow Wells In Urban Areas: A Case Study of Abeokuta In Nigeria. Asset Series A, Vol. 1, No. 1.

• Martins O.; Awokola O. S.; Bolaji G. A. and Idowu O. S. (2001): Input of Solutes and Sediments from Rivers into Tropical Coastal Areas, Southwest Nigeria. Nigerian Journal of Science, Vol.35 (2), pp 139-144.

• Bolaji G. A. (2001): Assessment of Performances and Potentials of Irrigation Projects in Africa. Tropical Journal of Environmental Research. Vol. 3, pp 217-229. Calabar, Nigeria.

• Bolaji, G. A. (2002): An Assessment of the Hydro-Climate and Water Resources of Southwestern Nigeria. Asset Series A. Vol. 1, No. 2, pp 89-96.

• Bolaji G. A. and O. Martins (2002): Monitoring of Water Quality in Ogun River basin, Southwestern Nigeria. Nigerian Journal of Environmental Resources Management. Vol. 1, No. 1, pp 8-15.

• Bolaji G. A. (2003): Bioremediation and Phytoremediation of Oil Spills in the Niger Delta: A Case of Eriemu in Delta State, Nigeria. Bioscience Research Communications, 15(6):599-607. Ilorin Nigeria.

• Bolaji G. A. (2003): Hydrodynamic Interactions Between Rivers And Aquifers: Implication On Environmental Flows In Ogun River Basin. Asset Series B, Vol. 3, No. 1.

Research papers read at conferences

• Bolaji G. A. (1995): Developing Springwater for Small Communities in Ibadan City. A paper presented at the Water And Sanitation Workshop, Sustainable Ibadan Project (SIP). April 1995.

• Martins O., Ajao, E. O., Bolaji G. A. and Idowu O. A. (1999): Trace Metal Content of a Tropical Aquatic Environment; A Study of Lagos Lagoon, Southwestern Nigeria. Paper presented at LOICZ /LatinBASIN Workshop, Bahia Blanca, Argentina, November 13-15. 1999.

• Bolaji G.A., O.S. Awokola, A.M. Gbadebo and O. Martins (2000): Movement of Minerals and Nutrients from River Basins in South-western Nigeria into the Atlantic Ocean. Proceedings of LOICZ/AfriBASIN I Workshop, UNEP – Nairobi, Kenya. 25-27 July, 2000.

• Bolaji G.A. (2001): Impacts of Climate Change on Water Resources and Biodiversity in Southwestern Nigeria. Paper presented at Workshop on “Nigerian Biodiversity Update”, FENV/UNAAB Linkage Centre for Forest, Conservation and Biodiversity. University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. October 15-18, 2001.

• Bolaji G.A. (2002a): Planning, Development and Management of Irrigation Schemes in Nigeria. Paper presented at the National Workshop on Emerging Issues in Irrigation in Nigeria. February 18-21, 2002.

• Bolaji G. A. (2002b): Anthropogenic Impacts on Urban Hydrology: A Case Study of Ibadan, Nigeria. A paper presented at the International Conference on Urban Hydrology for the 21st Century (ICUH2002), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. October 14-16, 2002. (Published on CDROM).

• Bolaji G. A. (2004): Impact of Anthropogenic Pollutants in Urban Runoff on Receiving Water Bodies. In S. Herath, Pathirana, A. and Werakoon, S. B. (Eds.) The Proceedings of the International Conference on Sustainable Water Resources Management in the Changing Environment of the Monsoon Region; 17-19 November, 2004, Colombo, Sri Lanka. Volume II, pp 499-505.

• Bolaji G. A. (2005): Assessment of Groundwater Contribution to Environmental Flows in Ogun River Catchment. Accepted as part of the proceedings of “The East African Integrated River Basin Management Conference”, 7-9 March 2005 at Morogoro, Tanzania.

• Bolaji G. A. and Ola-Adams, B. O. (2005): Sustainability and Traditional Concepts of Protecting Forested Headwaters in Southwestern Nigeria. Accepted as part of the proceedings of “HEADWATERS2005”, 20-23 June 2005, Oslo Norway.

• Bolaji G. A., Battacharya A. K. and Basak M. (2005): Hydrodynamic Interactions Between Rivers and Aquifers: Implication on Environmental Flows in Ogun River Basin. Nigeria. Accepted as Part of Proceedings of “The International Conference on Crisis Management in Water Environment, 15-16 July, 2005, Science City, Kolkata, India.

• Bolaji G. A. and Bakare I. O. (2005): Evaluation of Locally Sourced Sands as Filter Media for Water Purification. Accepted as part of Proceedings of International Conference on Science and Technology, 14-19 August, 2005, Akure Nigeria.

• Bolaji G. A. (2007): Effects of Surface water-Groundwater Interaction on Ecotones in Ogun River Basin. Accepted as part of proceedings of the “XXXV Congress of International Association of Hydrogelogists”, 17-21 September, 2007, Lisbon Portugal. (2007) CDROM.

• Bolaji G. A.; Agbede O. A. ; Adewumi J. K. & Akinyemi J. O. (2008): Selection of flood frequency model in Niger Basin Using Maximum Likelihood Method. In Feyen J., Shannon K. & Neville M. (Eds.) Proceedings of the International Urban Water Conference, Heverlee, Belgium, 15-19 September, 2008.


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