FIS 313 Course Synopsis

Course Code: FIS313

Course Title: Fish Farming Techniques and Hatchery Management

Number of Units: 3 Units

Course Duration: Three hours per week

Course Coordinator: Dr. (Mrs.) O.T. Agbebi


Office Location: Room D204, COLERM

Other Lecturers: Dr. A.A. Idowu and Prof. G.N.O. Ezeri


Course Synpsis

Artisanal and commercial fishing methods and different types of fish culture techniques, monoculture, polyculture, selected breeding, intensive and extensive culture inland land brackish water, in rice field, in floating cages and rafts. Spawning methods; artificial fertilization, incubation, rearing, harvesting and transportation of fry and fingerlings. Selection and care of breeders; larvae and fingerlings. Control of weed parasites and diseases in the hatchery, control of physicochemical properties of water.

FIS 313 Course Synopsis Lecture Note

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