Olanite, J. A: Research

Research Interest:

Agronomic Evaluation of Tropical Herbaceous Pasture Species for Growth, Dry matter yields, nutritive quality and animal grazing. Forage conservation and utilization research. Tropical forage germplasm collection, evaluation and conservation and adaptation studies. Calf growth performance evaluation studies on pasture.


In progress

  • Evaluation of select legumes for supplementation of Muturu Cattle under crop-livestock system in southwest Nigeria (Funded though UNAAB-IFSERA Research Grant, Ref.: UNAAB/IFSERA/IRG 74, 2011
  • Comparative evaluation of N-P-K and Pacesetter organo-mineral fertilizers on dry matter yield and quality of some forage grasses in Abeokuta, southwest Nigeria.
  • A survey of cattle husbandry and rangeland resource utilization in Yewa Area Ogun State.
  • Effect of plot management and harvesting time on seed viability and seedling growth of guinea grass in Abeokuta, southwest Nigeria.



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