Aiyedun, P. O: Conferences Attended

Major Conferences attended with Papers Read
1.    Materials Society of Nigeria (MSN) National Congress (2003), paper presented: “Development of a Reverse Sandwich Model (RSM) for Calculating Rolling Load and Torque for Steel (HC SS316)”.

2.    MANUTECH – 2004 Conference – 7th Africa-USA International Conference on Manufacturing Technology:  Theme: Connecting Africa to Global Manufacturing: Opportunities and Challenges.  July 12 – 14, Hotel Presidential, Port Harcourt, Nigeria. paper presented   “Comparison of Load and Torque obtained by three different Rolling Theories for  HCSS316 Hot flat rolled at low reduction and low strain rates.”  pp. 374-386.

3.    2nd International Conference on Science and National Development.  College     of Natural Sciences, University of Agriculture, UNAAB, Abeokuta. 10th -13th  October,     2006. paper presented “Strength characteristics  of Osiele clay in South Western Nigeria, Ogun State, Abeokuta”

4.    Material Society of Nigeria (MSN) Annual Conference, NIMACON 2006, Abuja, Nigeria. 13th -17th Nov. 2006. Paper presented “Microstructural changes During and After Hot Rolling of HC     SS316 ”

5.    International conference on Engineering Research and Development Innovation (ICER&D) 2008, University of Benin, 14-17 April, 2008. Papers presented:
(i)    AIYEDUN, P.O., IGBUDU, S.O. and BOLAJI, B.O. (2008) “Simulation of load during rod rolling of HC SS316 at low strain rates”.
(ii)    AIYEDUN, P.O. and ALIU, S.O. (2008) “Mean rolling temperature for steels hot flat rolled at low strain rates”.
(iii)    ALAMU, O.J. and AIYEDUN, P.O. (2008) “Effect of pass reduction on rolling parameters using reverse sandwich model integrated into the hot rolling Bland and Ford’s theory”.

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