Aiyedun, P. O: Publications

(a) Dissertation and Thesis
1.    AIYEDUN, P.O. (1984): Ph.D. Thesis, University of Sheffield.“A Study of Loads and Torque for Light Reduction in Hot Flat Rolling at Low Strain Rates”.

2.    AIYEDUN, P.O. (1979): M.Sc. Thesis Imperial College, University of London.  “Electron Capture to Positron Branching Ratio in Na22”.

3.    AIYEDUN, P.O. (1972): B.Eng. Final Year Project, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria. “Development of a Hydrodynamics Lubrication Apparatus”.

(b) Publications:
(i)    Chapters in Books
1.    O. J. ALAMU, P. O. AIYEDUN, A. KAREEM and M. A. WAHEED (2007).   
“Effect of AISI 316 stainless steel Geometry on Temperature Distribution during Hot Rolling at High Reduction.” in Advanced Materials Research Edited by Akii Ibhadode, Published by Trans Tech Publications Ltd., Switzerland Vol. 18-19, PP 195-200

(ii)     Articles Published in Learned Journals
1.    AIYEDUN, P.O. (1986): “Hot Flat Rolling Simulation by Use of the Bland and Ford’s Cold Rolling Theory for HC SS316 at Low Reduction and Low Strain Rates”. Proceedings Int. AMSE Conference on Modelling and Simulation, Williamsburg, Virginia, USA, Sept., 3-5, 1986, Vol. 3, pp. 14-36.

2.    AFETI, G.M., IMIDE, N.E. and AIYEDUN, P.O. (1991): “Experimental Investigation of a Partially Insulated Solar Water Heater with Natural Circulation”. Energy Conversion Management, Vol. 32, No. 2, pp. 145-151, 1991.

3.    AFETI, G.M., EZEJI, C.O. and AIYEDUN, P.O. (1991): “Some Transport and Thermodynamic Properties of Selected Edible Oils”. AMSE Transactions, AMSE Press, Vol. 8, No. 2, pp. 39-48.

4.    AIYEDUN, P.O. (1994): “Layout of Integrated Steel Plants-Environmental Engineering Aspects”. NSE Technical Transactions: Vol. 29, No. 4, pp. 58-80; Oct. – Dec., 1994.

5.    AIYEDUN, P.O., SPARLING, L.G.M. and SELLARS, C.M. (1997): “Temperature Changes in Hot Flat Rolling of Steels at Low Strain Rates and Low Reductions”.  Proceedings Institution of Mech. Engineers, Vol. 211, Part B, pp. 261-284.

6.     AIYEDUN, P.O. and SELLARS, C.M. (1998): “Effects of Fine Precipitates on the Strength of High Carbon SS316 Hot Rolled at Low Reductions and Low Strain”.  NSE Technical Transactions, Oct. – Dec., 1998, Vol. 33, No. 4, pp. 67-100.

7.    AIYEDUN, P.O. (1997): “Microhardness Across Thickness for Stainless Steel (SS316) Hot Rolled at Low Strain Rates and Reductions”.  Journal of Engineering Research, Vol. JER-55, Aug. 1997, No. 2, pp. 29-43.

8.    AIYEDUN, P.O. (1999): Yield Stress Variation across Thickness for Steel (HC SS316) Specimen Hot Rolled at Low Reduction and Low Strain Rates. NSE Technical Transactions, Jan. – Mar., 1999, Vol. 34, No. 1, pp. 46-70.

9.    AIYEDUN, P.O., ODUMOSU, O.O. and MULERO, O.A. (2000): “Production and Testing of some Sound-proofing Panels using Readily Available Materials”. The Engineer, Vol. 1, No. 1, July 2000, pp. 31-38.

10.  AIYEDUN, P.O. and OLOGUNYE, O.B. (2001): “Energy Efficiency of a Private Sector with Cadbury Nigeria Plc., Ikeja, Lagos as a Case Study”. NSE Technical Transactions, Vol. 36, 2001, No. 2, pp. 59-66.

11. AIYEDUN, P.O. and OKOLIE, H.A. (2001): “Electromagnetic Radiation Effect on the Storage of Petroleum Products”.  NJEM, Vol. 2, No. 4, 2001, pp. 80-84.

12. AIYEDUN, P.O. (2001): “Effects of Geometric Factors on Rolling Characteristics of HC SS316 at Low Strain Rates and Reductions”.  NSE Technical Transactions, Vol. 36, No. 4, 2001, pp. 14-30.

13. AIYEDUN, P.O. and LAWAL, J.B. (2002): “Yield Strength Estimation for Stainless Steel using Torsional Test”.  NJEM, Vol. 3, No. 1, 2002, pp. 69-79.

14.  AIYEDUN, P.O. (2002): “Effects of Reduction, Square root of Thickness and Spread Constant on Spread for Hot Flat Rolled Steel (HC SS316)”.  NSE Technical Transactions, Vol. 37, No. 4, Oct. – Dec., 2002, pp. 68-78.

15.  AIYEDUN, P.O. and ONAKOYA, B.A. (2002): “Energy Efficiency in a Private Sector Production Company”. NJISS – Nigerian Journal of Industrial and Systems Studies, Vol. 1, No. 4, 2002, pp. 15-24.

16.  ALAMU, O.J. and AIYEDUN, P.O. (2003): “A Comparison of Temperature Distribution in Hot Rolling at Low and High Strain Rates”. Journal of Science, Engineering and Technology (JSET), Vol. 10, No. 1, March 2003, pp. 4644-4654.

17.  ALAMU, O.J. and AIYEDUN, P.O. (2003): “The Influence of Ingot Geometry on Temperature Distribution in HC SS316 during Hot Rolling”. Lautech Journal of Engineering and Technology, Vol. 1, No. 1, 2003, pp. 47-63.

18.  AIYEDUN, P.O. and BUGGU, L.T. (2003): “Design of a Highway Side Retractable Shrub/Grass Cutter”. Nigerian Journal of Engineering Research and Development.  NJERD, Vol. 2, No. 2, April-June, 2003, pp. 50-59.

19.    ALAMU, O.J., AKINTARO, A.O. and AIYEDUN, P.O. (2003):  “Effect of Slab Geometry on Zener-Hollomon Parameter in HC5516 during Hot rolling.”  Nigerian Journal of Mechanical Engineering, Vol. 1, No. 1, Dec., 2003 pp. 23-36.

20.    ALAMU, O.,J., AIYEDUN, P.O., WAHEED, M.A. and OLATOYINBO, S.F. (2004):  “Simulation of Type 316 stainless Steel Deformation during Hot Rolling using the Zener-Hollomon Parameter”.  Lautech Journal of  Engineering and Technology.  2(1) 204, pp. 47-55.

21.     AIYEDUN, P.O. (2005) “Layout Requirements for Integrated Steel Plants.” Engineering and Technology research Journal, Faculty of Engineering, Technology  & Environmental Sciences, LASU, Epe Campus, Lagos State. Vol. 1, No. 2, 2004, pp. 71-82.

22.    AIYEDUN, P.O. (2006) “Influence of Composition on Strength and   Microstructure of Hot Rolled HC SS316 and LC SS316” Nigerian Journal of Science (NJS), Science Association of Nigeria. Vol.40 (2006): p.1-11.

23.    Aiyedun, P.O., Adeyemi, O.A. and Bolaji, B.O. (2008) “Energy Efficiency of a Manufacturing Industry: A cade study of Nigerian Eagle Flour Mills Ltd, Ibadan ASSET Journal, UNAAB, Abeokuta, Nigeria. Series B, Vol.7, No.1, 2008

24.    Olokode, O.S, Bolaji, B.O. and Aiyedun, P.O. (2008) “Effects of Process Annealing on Mechanical Properties of Strain-Hardened Copper: A case of Kabel Metal Nigeria Limited” The Pacific Journal of Science and Technology (PJST). Vol.9, No.2. pp.278-283.

(iib) 2013 to 2016 Publications

1. Alayande S. O, Dare E. O, Msagati T.A. Akinlabi A. K and Aiyedun P. O. (2016).“Electrospun Expanded Polysterene and Expanded Polysytrene-Zeolite fiber with Superhydrophobic and Superoleophillic Surface Properties for Crude Oil-Water Separation”. Journal of Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, 92, 7-13. (DOI 10.1016/j.pce. 201510.002). Published by Elsevier Journal homepage:

2. Sadiq .T.O, Fadara .T.G, Aiyedun P.O and Idris. J. (2016). “Numerical Estimation of Rolling Load and Torgue for Hot Flat Rolling of HCSS316 at Low Strain Rates Based on Mean Temperature. “International Journal of Engineering Research in Africa, ISSN: 1663-4144, Vol. 26, pp 11-29

3. S. Oluwagbemiga Alayande, Nyoni Hlengilizwe E, Olugbenga Dare, Titus A. M. Msagati, A. Kehinde Akinlabi, P.O. Aiyedun. (2016). “Novel nanoporous sorbent for solid-phase extraction in petroleum fingerprinting”. Applied Physics A Material Science & Processing. 122:392. DOI 10.1007/s00339-016-9931-z.

4. Olayide Rasaq Adetunji; Peter Olaitan Aiyedun and Oladimeji Suleiman Bello (2015) “Anticorrosive Property of Potassium Dichromate Film on Galvanized Coating in Distilled Water”. Solid State Phenomina, Vol. 227 (2015) pp 135-138, Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

5. Aiyedun,P.O, O.Ogunlade,A.O.Oni andAdetunji, O.R. (2015) Friction Coefficient ‘s Numerical Determination for Hot Flat Steel Rolling at Low Strain Rate, American Journal of Applied Mathematics, 3(5): 221-228, doi;10.11648/j.ajam, http://

6. A.E. Adeleke, P.O. Aiyedun and O.U. Dairo(2014) “investigation of behaviour of thermodynamic properties of cassava based ethanol-water system during azeotropic distillation process.” International Journal of Engineering and Science (IJES) vol 3. Issue 4 , pp. 65-70 , 2014. ISSN (e): 2319-1813 ISSN (p): 2319-1805

7. O.R. Adetunji, P.O. Aiyedun, S.I. Kuye, and D.A. Lateef. (2014) “Evaluation of the influence of fossil fuel on corrosion resistance of brass.” Journal of minerals and materials characterization and engineering 2014, Vol. 2. pp.176-181. Scires.

8. O.S. Olokode, P.O. Aiyedun, S.I. Kuye, B.U. Anyanwu, F.T. Owoeye, T.A. Adekoya, and J.N. Nwonah. “Optimization of the Quantity of Wood Ash Addition on Kaolinitic Clay Performance in Porcelain Stoneware Tiles”. The Pacific Journal of Science and Technology, May 2013 (Spring). html. 14(1): 48-56.

9. A.E. Adeleke, P.O. Aiyedun, O.J. Alamu, O.U. Dairo and S.OA. Olawale (2013). “Development of Software for the design of distillation column of a bioethanol-water system using McCabe-Thiele method”. Annals of Science, Engineering and Technology. Published by Osun State University, Oshogbo. [3 (1): 23-32]

10. A.E. Adeleke, P.O. Aiyedun, O.J. Alamu, O.U. Dairo and S.OA. Olawale (2013). “Effect of mole fraction of the most volatile component in the bottom on the design of distillation column of a bioethanol-water system: A simulation study”. Annals of Science, Engineering and Technology.  Published by Osun State University. [3 (1): 33-41].

 (iii)    Published Referred Conference Proceedings

25.    AIYEDUN, P.O. (1998): “Handling of Hazardous Materials – Industrial Engineering Accident Prevention”.  Proceeding of the 1998 Productivity Conference of NIIE, Vol. 1 held at University of Ibadan, 19-21 Nov., 1998, pp. 92-113.

26.    AIYEDUN, P.O. (1999): “Inventory and Management of Hazardous Materials in the Oil Industry”.  NIIE 1999 Proceedings Manufacturing Engineering Conference, UI, Ibadan, Vol. 1, pp. 203-222.

27     AIYEDUN, P.O. (2002): “Spread Calculation for Steel (HC SS316) Hot Flat Rolled at Low Strain Rates” NIMACON-2002: Nigerian Materials Congress Proceedings, Nov. 11-13, 2002 EMDI, Akure, Theme: Engineering Materials and National Development, pp. 287-292.

28     AIYEDUN, P.O. and SHOBOWALE, B. (2003): “Development of a Reverse Sandwich Model (RSM) for Calculating Rolling Load and Torque for Steel (HC SS316)”. NIMACON-2003: EMDI: Nigerian Materials Congress Proceedings. Nov. 12-14, 2003 EMDI, Akure, Theme: Materials Development.  Pivotal to National Industrialisation pp. 124-131.

29.    AIYEDUN, P.O. (2004)  “Comparison of Load and Torque obtained by three different Rolling Theories for  HCSS316 Hot flat rolled at low reduction and low strain rates.  “MANUTECH-2004 Conference Proceedings for 7th Africa-USA International Conference on Manufacturing Technology:  Theme: Connecting Africa to Global Manufacturing:  Opportunities and Challenges.  July 12 – 14, Hotel Presidential, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.  pp. 374-386.

30.    OJOLO, S.J., BAMGBOYE, A.I., AIYEDUN, P.O. and OGUNYEMI, A.P. (2004) “Pyrolysis of Shredded Plastic Waste.”  MANUTECH-2004 Conference Proceedings for 7th Africa-USA International Conference on Manufacturing Technology: Theme: Connecting Africa to Global Manufacturing:  Opportunities and Challenges.  July 12 – 14, Hotel Presidential, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.  pp. 480-486.

31.     O.J. ALAMU, P.O AIYEDUN, A. KAREEM, M.A. WAHEED (2006) “Effect of AISI 316 stainless Steel Geometry on Temperature  Distribution during Hot Rolling at high Reduction” International Conference on Engineering Research and Development.
Theme: Impact on Industry. 5th  – 7th September, 2006.  University of Benin, Benin, Nigeria. Pp. 93-97.

32.       OLOKODE, O. S., LAWAL, G. I., AMUDA, M. O. H. and AIYEDUN, P. O.  (2006)   “Strength characteristics  of Osiele clay in South Western Nigeria, Ogun   State, Abeokuta” Proceedings of 2nd International Conference on Science and National Development.  College     of Natural Sciences, University of Agriculture, UNAAB, Abeokuta. 10th -13th  October, 2006. pp 209-213

33.    AIYEDUN, P.O. (2006) “Microstructural changes During and After Hot Rolling of HCSS316 ”Proceedings of Material Society of Nigeria (MSN) Annual Conference, NIMACON 2006, Abuja, Nigeria. 13th -17th Nov. 2006. pp.58-61

34.    OLOKODE, O. S. and AIYEDUN, P. O. (2006) “The Role of Material  Engineering in Societal Empowerment” Bulletin of Science Association of Nigeria (SAN), Vol.27, (2006) pp.162-165. ISSN 0029-0114

35.    AIYEDUN, P.O. and ALIU, S.O. (2008) “Mean rolling temperature for steels hot flat rolled at low strain rates”, Proceedings 2nd International conference on Engineering Research and Development Innovation (ICER&D) 2008, University of Benin, 14-17 April, 2006, Paper No. ICERD08085; pp. 431-440.

36.    AIYEDUN, P.O., IGBUDU, S.O. and BOLAJI, B.O. (2008) “Simulation of load during rod rolling of HC SS316 at low strain rates”, Proceedings 2nd International conference on Engineering Research and Development Innovation (ICER&D) 2008, University of Benin, 14-17 April, 2006, Paper No. ICERD08084; pp. 422-430

37.    ALAMU, O.J. and AIYEDUN, P.O. (2008) “Effect of pass reduction on rolling parameters using reverse sandwich model integrated into the hot rolling Bland and Ford’s theory”, Proceedings 2nd International conference on Engineering Research and Development Innovation (ICER&D) 2008, University of Benin, 14-17 April, 2006, Paper No. ICERD08238; pp.449-456

38.    Aiyedun P.O. and Oseghale, L.E. (2008) “ Simulation of Torque during Carbon – Manganese Steel rod rolling using the ‘Phantom Roll’ method.” Proceedings of Material Society of Nigeria (MSN) Annual Congress NIMACON 2008., EMDI, Akure, 3rd-8th Nov., 2008.

(iv)     Articles Submitted for Publication

1.    Aiyedun P.O., Nwaneto F.N, Adeleke A.E. and Alamu.O. J. (2008) “Yield Strength Estimation For Stainless Steel Using Plane Strain Compression Test” Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences

2.    P.O.. Aiyedun, L.E. Oseghale and O.J. Alamu (2008) Simulation of load during rod rolling of carbon-manganese steel using the “phantom roll” method Pacific Journal of Science and Technology

(v)     Technical Reports, Feasibility Reports (FR), Detailed Project Reports (DPR) and Workshop Papers:

T1    AIYEDUN, P.O. (1976): DPR – “General Layout and Transport of a 1.5 MT/year Integrated Steel Plant – (Biladilla Steel Plant)”. MECON, Ranchi India, pp. 1-23.

T2    AIYEDUN, P.O. (1976): Justification of a Double line Tract for Port-Harcourt to Ajaokuta Rail-line via Oturkpo. Technical Report to NSDA, pp. 1-7.

T3    AIYEDUN, P.O. (1978): “Design of a +70o Beam Line for a 13.5KV Nuclear Tandem Accelerator”. Tandem Accelerator Laboratory, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (2 Drawings).

T4    AIYEDUN, P.O. (1980): Engineering Brief: “Design Considerations for the Installation, Operation and Maintenance of the University of Ife Tandem Accelerator”. Technical Report to Nuclear Program, University of Ife (pp. 1-6 plus drawing).

T5    OLAOSEBIKAN, B.K. and AIYEDUN, P.O. (1987): “Manufacture of Polyethylene Films and Bags by Extrusion Methods”.  Proposal for setting up of a Small-scale Industry. November 1987, pp. 1-26, submitted and approved for financing by NBCI, Lagos.

T6    AIYEDUN, P.O. (1991) for Pedrolai Enterprises (Nigeria).  “Technical Report on Reactication of Bolex Engineering Company Limited”, April, 1991, pp. 1-8.

T7    AIYEDUN, P.O. (1991) for Pedrolai Enterprises (Nigeria). “Consultancy Report on Efficacy of Appropriate Technology (Rice Dehusking Machines)”, ILO/UNDP Project, December, 1991, pp. 1-15.

T8    AIYEDUN, P.O. (1992) for Pedrolai Enterprises (Nigeria). “Feasibility Report on Rice Milling Machine” for UNDP/ILO/FDAED, Home Economics Unit, Ibadan, July, 1992, pp. 1-11.

T9    AIYEDUN, P.O. (1992) for Pedrolai Enterprises (Nigeria). “Rehabilitation of Plants, Vehicles and Agricultural Equipment in Kwara ADP”. Technical Proposal, pp. 1-38: Financial Proposal, pp. 1-6, August, 1992.

T10    AIYEDUN, P.O. (1993) for Pedrolai Enterprises (Nigeria). “Feasibility Report on Gum Arabic Processing Plant” for RMRDC, Lagos, pp. 1-123.

T11    AIYEDUN, P.O. (1993) for Pedrolai Enterprises (Nigeria). “Feasibility Report on Furniture Making” for RMRDC, Lagos, pp. 1-58, June, 1993.

T12    AIYEDUN, P.O. (1997): “Maintenance of Mechanical Equipments of Refrigeration and Air-condition Systems” presented at a 3-Day “Workshop on Maintenance of Central A/C, Split A/C, Cold Rooms and Escalators (Lifts) in Public and private Buildings” organized by the University of Ibadan Consultancy Services Unit, 13-15 August 1997.

T13  AIYEDUN, P.O. (1998): “Skills Development and Professional Competence for Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Practitioners” workshop organized by NSE, Ibadan Branch and FEECOM Engr. Co. Ltd., 19 Sept., – for 6 weeks at UI Conference Center, Ibadan, pp. 1-5.

T14  OFI, O., AIYEDUN, P.O. and AFRIFA, E.S.D. (2000): “Indigenous Technologies of Okitipupa and Ilaje Local Government Areas of Ondo State in Nigeria”. A Collaborative Research with the Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan, June-August, 2000, pp. 1-19.

T15  AIYEDUN, P.O. (2001): “Hand Pumps: Operation and Maintenance” workshop paper presented at the International Training Course on “Operation and Maintenance of Water Pumps” organized by African Regional Center for Engineering Design and Manufacturing (ARCEDEM), Ibadan, Nigeria, April 10-23, 2001, pp. 1-16.

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