Aiyedun, P. O: Research

*    Yield Strength Estimation for Stainless Steel using Torsional Test.
*    Measurement of Noise Levels from Industrial Generators and Machineries
*    Spread Calculations for Steel (HC SS316) Hot Flat Rolled at Low Strain Rates and Low Reductions.
*    Rolling Load and Torque in Hot Flat Rolling Simulation of Steel at Low Strain Rate and Low Reductions using the Phantom Roll Method of Temperature Calculations.
*    The Reverse Sandwich Effect in HC SS316 Hot Flat rolled at Low Strain Rate and Low Reductions.
*    Simulation of Load and Torque during Rod Rolling using the Phantom Roll Method.Case Study of Energy Efficiency of some Nigerian Companies, NBC Ltd., Ibadan; Seven-UP Co. Ltd., Ibadan; Cadbury Nig. Plc., Lagos.
*    Study of Electromagnetic Radiation Effects on Petroleum Products Storage and Transportation.
*    Pollution and Waste Control Study of some Nigerian Companies.

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