Arigbede, O. M: Research

Completed research

  • Nutritive potentials of Indigenous Multi-purpose tree species as dry season ruminant livestock feed supplements.
  • Voluntary intake, digestibility, nutrient utilization and replacement value of some agro-industrial-by products and farm wastes by small ruminants.
  • In vitro gas production, In sacco dry matter and crude protein degradability of some feed ingredients and browse plants commonly used in livestock feeding.
  • Effects of manure and fertilizer application on dry matter yield and nutritional profile of some tropical pasture grasses and legumes in south western Nigeria.
  • Effects of management, season, planting age, distance and cutting intervals on biomass production and nutritive value of indigenous fodder plants.
  • Effects of plant species, season and anti-nutritional factors on rumen ecology, in-sacco DM degradability, in-vitro gas production, in-vivo voluntary intake and nutrient utilization by small ruminants fed indigenous fodder plants and crop residues.

Research in progress

  • Development of forage based total mixed rations and feed blocks for intensive ruminant animal production.
  • Evaluation and nutritional screening of lesser known tropical indigenous browse plants, leguminous shrubs and Multi Purpose Tree species for livestock feeding and agro-forestry technologies.
  • Utilization of unconventional oil seeds, tree seeds, legumes and crop by-products as supplements in least – cost concentrate rations for small ruminants production and fattening.
  • Effects of different processing and storage methods of foliage and seeds on the nutritive quality of forage based concentrate diets, feed blocks and complete rations for ruminant animals.



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