Babajide, J.M: Research

(i)    Completed

•    Quantitative effect of Piliostigma thonningii and Khaya ivorensis leaves as local preservatives on the quality of traditional dry-yam” sponsored by NUTRICIA  RESEARCH  FOUNDATION The Netherlands.  (Project leader). (2007 to 2009).


•    Establishment Of Food Science And Nutrition Network For Poverty Reduction And Sustainable Rural Livelihood In West Africa  [FOSNUT]- by Mobilising Regional Capacity Initiative (MRCI) Program – Association of African Universities (AAU): MRCI Cycle 3 Grants. (Assistant project- coordinator).  (2009 – 2011).

•    Quality assessment of pregelatised yam “elubo” flour

•    Chemical composition, sensory characteristics and storage stability of functional fruit drink

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