Farewell Message to the Vice-Chancellor Presented by the Director of Internal Audit F. T. Aroyeun (Mrs.)

Song: what shall we say unto the Lord, all we have to say is thank you Lord (2x). Thank you Lord thank you Lord all we have to say is thank you Lord (Repeat).
We members of staff of the Directorate of Internal Audit want to thank God, for making it possible for you sir, to fulfill destiny, for making you a shining star, and for using you to lift and bring FUNAAB from death to life.

We also want to thank our amiable; honest, benevolent, hard-working transparent and disciplined Vice-Chancellor for his wisdom and courage to ensure full transparency, accountability, punctuality, discipline and probity in FUNAAB.

The Directorate of Internal Audit believe so much in you and your policies for change, efficient monitoring of advances and the establishment of price intelligence Unit. As the Control of the University, we have tried to implement most of your policies for proper accountability, which has assisted in taking FUNAAB to an enviable position in terms of prudence, effectiveness, efficiency and accountability even though it has not been easy, we have stepped on toes we have been called names, there have been lots of misconceptions misunderstandings and misrepresentations but the job had to be done and some people had to do it for the betterment of the system according to the recommendation of the visitation panel, on page 23 of the white paper. “it is pleasing to note that no instances of financial malpractice was noted during the period under review, this is due to the existence of the Internal Audit Department and its constant review keeping all persons under check”. Now we are happy and proud to be part of the success story today.

We the Internal Auditors say a big thank you, Sir, the Directorate is one of the best in all Federal Universities in terms of our quality contributions to the Committee of Heads of Internal Auditors in Nigeria, other Auditors always come around to ask questions and copy most of our works and principles.

We appreciate your effort towards capacity building of staff, bringing our staff together from Senate and Abudu buildings and putting us in one of the best buildings on campus (Audit & Public Relations Building) also, the recent approval of the computerization of Internal Audit all these have brought about unity of purpose, quality professionalism and dedication. Being a Vice-Chancellor that believes so much in career progression and because of the tremendous growth in the activities of the University, we have on ground two Deputy Directors who are to assist the Director for more result oriented and effective performance of the Directorate (all these landmark achievements in the Directorate, are to the credit of our Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Oluwafemi Olaiya Balogun).
We thank you for your immense fatherly love and care towards us all, we shall continue to remember your good works in FUNAAB.
We pray that, God in his infinite mercies, will go with you, His presence will not depart from you. He will take you to a new level that is greater and Higher than FUNAAB. God will protect you and your family, peace and joy shall be yours, you will reap the fruits of your labour and you will see your desires in the life of your children, you will live long in good health to see your children’s, children’s and children’s in Jesus name. Thank you, and God bless.

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