FIS 501Course Synopsis

Course Code:                  FIS501

Course Title:                   Fisheries Production and Management

Number of Units:             3 Units

Course Duration:             Three hours per week

Course Coordinator:          Dr. O.J. Olaoye


Office Location:               Room D205, AMREC

Other Lecturers:              Dr. (Mrs.) O.T. Agbebi, Dr. I.T. Omoniyi and Dr. O.J. Olaoye


Course Synopsis

Practical aspects of handling and care of fish, breeding of fish. Production of fingerling and fry; management of brooders; growers and other types of fish and marine products; Building of equipments needed in fish farms; Procurement of feed and system of feeding. Harvesting and marketing. Appraisal of management structure and effectiveness of fisheries management policies. Preparation of management plan in fisheries projects


FIS 501 Course Synopsis Lecture Note

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