FIS 503Course Synopsis

Course Code:                      FIS503

Course Title:                       Production of other Marine Products

Number of Units:                 3 Units

Course Duration:                  Three hours per week

Course Coordinator:              Dr. F.I. Adeosun


Office Location:                    Room D206, COLERM

Other Lecturers:                   Dr. I.T. Omoniyi and Dr. A.A. Idowu


Course Synopsis

Ecology, life histories of crustaceans and aquatic molluscs, culture of shrimps, oysters, crabs, crayfish, lobster, cockles, periwinkles, marine gastropods, frogs, edible sea weeds and free water plants. Deep sea and shore farming of some products. Processing and preservation of marine products.


FIS 503 Course Synopsis Lecture Note

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