Ismaila, S. O: Research

Research Works/Community Development/Seminar Papers
1.    Post-Work Height Shrinkage Based Model for Predicting A Safe Weight of Lift( PhD Thesis)- 2006
2.    Design and Installation of Water Heating System (February 1999)
3.    Just-In-Time Inventory Management (January 1998)
4.    Design of Organization Structure for an Engineering Based Company (February 1998)
5.    Economic Analysis of Gari Production (February 1998)
6.    Optimization of the Maintenance Workforce in a Transport Company-A Case Study
7.    Manpower Planning-A Cost Minimization Approach-1998 (M.Sc.Project).
8.    Problem of Water Supply in Shiroro Local Government: Problems and Probable Solutions (April 1991)
9.    A Study of Shiroro Hydro-Power Auto Workshop with the View of Improving the Set Up (May 1991)
The Development of Cocoa Pod Processor-1990 (B.Sc.Project)

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