Ladokun, A. O: Research

Completed research

  • Use of Ethno-botanicals (Telfaria occidentalis) in Livestock production
  • In-Vitro Culture of Bovine Granulosa cells for Steroid Hormone production
  • Synergistic effects of Insulin-like Growth Factor II (IGFII) and LH on Bovine Granulosa cell Culture for production of steroid hormones

Research in progress

  • Blood Profiling of Muturu cattle at different Seasons and locations
  • Conservation of the Muturu using Artificial Insemination Techniques
  • Non Surgical Embryo Transfer in Muturu cows
  • Synchronization Protocols for Muturu Heifers
  • Identification of Pheromone receptor genes in Nigeria Sheep and Goats
  • Gonadal Sperm Reserves of Gudali Bulls and WAD Bucks
  • Effects of Moringa (Moringa oleifera) on Serum chemistry and Semen Characteristics in Poultry and goat bucks

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