Obadina, A.O: Publications

1.    Obadina, A.O. and Ogundimu, A.A. (2011). Microbial contamination of Selected Dietary Supplements in A Typical Tropical Market in Nigeria. Nigerian Food Journal. In Press

2.    Obadina, A.O., Oyewole, O.B. and Archibong, U.E. (2011). Effect of processing on the qualities of noodles produced from corn grit and cassava flour. International Food Research Journal. 18(4).pp 60 – 64

3.    Obadina, A.O., Oyewole, O.B. and Olaleye, A.O. (2010). Development and Evaluation of fortified tapioca meal with coconut and banana pulp. Nigerian Food Journal. Vol. 28, No.2. pp. 294 – 301.

4.    Obadina, A.O., Oyewole, O.B., Sanni, L.O., Keith, T.I., and Westby A. (2010).     Improvement of the hygienic quality of wet ‘fufu’ produced in South-West Nigeria. FOOD CONTROL  (21), pp. 639-643

5.    Obadina, A.O., Oyewole, O.B. and Ogundipe, F.O. (2009). Effect of packaging material on the spoilage and shelf-life of cooked ‘fufu’. Nigerian Food Journal. (Accepted).

6.    Obadina, A.O., Oyewole, O.B. and Odusami, A.O. (2009). Microbiological safety and quality assessment of some fermented cassava products (lafun, fufu, gari). Scientific Research and Essay Vol. 4 (5) pp. 432-435, May, 2009.

7.    Obadina, A.O., Oyewole, O.B. and Ayoola, A.A. (2008). Quality Assessment of Gari produced using rotary drier. In: Food Processing: Methods, Techniques and Trends. Editor: Valerie C. Bellinghouse,  © 2008 Nova Science Publishers, Inc. ISBN 978-1-60692-414-3.

8.    Obadina A.O., Oyewole, O.B. and Awojobi, T.M. (2008). Effect of steeping time of milled grains on the quality of Kunnu-Zaki (A Nigerian beverage). Afican Journal of Food Science. Vol (2) pp. 033-036, April, 2008

9.    Obadina, A.O., Oyewole, O.B., Sanni, L.O., Keith, T.I., and Westby A. (2008).     Identification of hazards and Critical Control Points (CCP) for Cassava ‘fufu’ processing in South-West Nigeria. FOOD CONTROL (19), pp. 22-26.

10.    Obadina, A.O., Oyewole, O.B.(2007).   Assessment of the antimicrobial potential of roselle juice (zobo) from different varieties of roselle calyx.  Journal of Food Processing and Preservation. Vol. 31(5), pp. 607-617.

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16.    Omemu, A.M., Edema, M.O., Atayese, A.O. and Obadina, A.O. (2006). A survey of the microflora of Hibiscus sabdariffa (Roselle) and the resulting zobo juice. African Journal of Biotechnology.  Vol. 5(3), pp. 254-259


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