Adekunle, A.A.A: Research

  • RESDEC GRANT RG 222 (Joint Award): Environmental Impact  Assessment of Poultry Farm Operations (Completed)


  • Bioremediation and restoration of soils impacted by petroleum and allied products, using recycled organic waste materials
  • Sediment characteristics
  • Safety evaluations of bioremediated oil impacted soils (laboratory and field scale)
  • Bioremediation of wastewater
  • Remediation of soils polluted with petroleum products by thermal treatment
  • Sediment characteristics on highways
  • Characteristics of termite hill
  • Hyrdo-chemical study of Ogun-Osun River basin


Stormwater management, wetland and flood

Solid waste science, technology and management: assessment of critical factors influencing mobilization of toxic metals from incineration bottom ash, construction wastes and composted organic wastes; waste to wealth initiatives for profit oriented private investment

Environmental monitoring and Assessment: (i) Assessment and treatment  of toxicant in water, soil, plant and soil (ii) Assessment of organic waste materials via material characterization, recycling of solid wastes to useful products and chemical evaluations of waste substrates, composts and recycled products for use in environmental studies (iii) Stormwater management and design of water projects.

Remediation of oil polluted soil: Use of indigenous materials for bioremediation of soils polluted by crude oil and petrochemical products via biostimulation, bioaugumentation and phytoremediation; safety evaluation of remediated soils.

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