Agbede, O. A: Publications

Among his publications are:
Agbede O.A. and Oladejo O.S (2003), “ study of water quality at oil depots in south westrn Nigeria”. International Journal of Environmental Issues. Vol. 1, No. 1, pp 160-165.
Agbede O.A. and Adegbola A.A (2005). Modelling the Ground water floe of the Sokoto Basin using the Finite Difference techniques” USEP, journal of Information in Civil Engineering, Vol.2, No.1 pp 26-34.
Adebamowo, E.O, Clark, C.S, Roda, S. Agbede O.A., M.K.C. Sridhar and C.A. Adebamowo (2007). “Lead content of dreid films of domestic paints currently sold in Nigeria” Science of Total  environment, 388, pp 116-120.
Adebamowo, E.O, Agbede O.A M.K.C. Sridhar and C.A. Adebamowo (2006). An examination of knowledge, attitudes and practices related to lead exposure in South Western Nigeria”. BMC Public Health. 6:8.

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