Akinbode, F.O: Publications

Few out of his Publications are;

1. Mohammed I. L. & Akinbode F.O. (2006): Potential for Recovering Waste Heat from Refinery Furnace. Journal of Engineering Technology and Industrial Applications, 2 (2).
2. Akinbode F.O. (2002): Agro-industrial wastes as energy sources in Nigeria. Journal of Agriculture and Agricultural Technology (JAAT), 1(1).
3. Manukaji J. O. & Akinbode F. O. (2002): Design and performance of a solar cooker using fresnel reflectors. Spectrum, 9 (1).
4. Akinbode F. O. & Nasir A. (2002): Improved efficiency of electric boiling ring in water heating system. Nigerian Journal of Technological Research, 1(1), 95-100.
5. Adeyinka J. S. & Akinbode F. O. (2002): Gasification of Nigerian Bituminous coal in shallow bed. Indian Journal of Engineering and Materials Sciences, 9, 177-180
6. Adeyinka J.S. & Akinbode F. O. (2002): Performance Evaluation of Ogwashi lignite coal under adiabatic condition. Indian Journal of Engineering Materials and Sciences, 9, 156-158.
7. Adeyinka J.S. & Akinbode F. O. (2002): Effect of temperature and air feed rate on adiabatic gasification of Okaba sub-bituminous coal in Nigeria. Journal of Engineering and Material Science, 8, 239-242.
8. Akinbode F. O. & Ogwuagwu O. V. (2001): Development of a solar Assisted Air Heater. Journal of Modelling, Simulation and Control, AMSE Press, 50 (3), 53-64.


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