Bakare, H.A: Publications

(a) Dissertation
(i) Bakare, H.A. (1991). Effect of Charcoal Treatment on Some Keeping Qualities of Soy-Cassava-Starch Paste in the preparation of Akara (B.Sc Research project). 38 pages. Department of Food Science and Technology, University of Agriculture, Abeokuta.
(ii) Bakare, H.A. (1996).Appraisal of the Effectiveness of the Personnel Management Strategies Employed by  Nigeria SMES.  (Advanced Diploma project). 41 pages. Ogun State University (Consult.), Ago-Iwoye.
(iii)  Bakare, H.A. (1998). Evaluation of the  Effectiveness of the Curriculum of Technological Education Programmes  for Self-employment.  (PGDE project). 60 pages. Ogun State University, Ago-Iwoye.
(iv) Bakare, H.A.  (2000). Effects of Heat and Spice (Aframomum danielli) Treatments on Shelf Quality of Nunu : A Fermented milk Product.  (M. Sc Dissertation ). 65pages. University of Ibada, Ibadan, Nigeria.
(v)  Bakare, H.A.  (2000).  Evaluation of Rheological Properties and Baking Performance of Wheat Composite Flour Produced from Lye-peeled Breadfruit (Artocarpus communis Forst) and Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz).  (Ph.DThesis).257 pages. Department of Food Technology, University of Ibadan, Ibadan.

Articles in Learned Journals
(vi)  Bakare, H.A. , Ajiboye, E.O., and Adebanjo, O.O. (2007) Strategies for Improving the Teaching Skills of Primary School Home Economics Teachers. LACOPED Journal of Primary Science. 5(1): 15-24.
(vii)  Bakare, H. A. , Adegoke, G.O.,& Ajiboye, E.O. (2005) Microbiological, Chemical and Sensory characteristics of Aframum danielli spiced Nunu. VOCASS 4(1):117-122.
(viii)  Bakare, H. A. and Adebanjo, O. O. (2004) Place of hospital catering in the delivery of modern health care. The Academics 2: 15-22                  
(ix)  Bakare, H. A. (2002) Small Scale and Cottage Food Industry  As A Tool for Economic Self-Reliance: An Exposition. Vocass  Journal. 3 (1) : 95-102 
(x)  Bakare, H. A. (1999) The problem and Prospects of Using High Intensity Pulsed Electric field (HIPEF) as a Non-thermal Processing Alternatives in Food Preservation. ACREV 2 (1) : 115 – 118.           
(xi)  Bakare, H. A. and Dacosta, F. E. (1999) The Effectiveness of Charcoal on the Chemo-Functional Properties of   Soybean Paste during the Holding  Period in the Preparation of ‘Akara’.  Journal of Nig. Association of Teachers of Technology (NATT) 5(1):18-28.   
(xii)  Bakare, H. A. (1998) The Effect of Withhold Time on ‘Akara’ Made With Cowpea Paste used by Vendors in Epe L.G.A.  The academic Review (ACREV) 1 (1&2)  : 32-39

Papers already accepted for publication
(xiii)  Bakare, H.A., Adegunwa, M.O., Ogunmoyela, O.A., Emmanuel, A. A. and Fatukasi, V.T. (2011). Effect of charcoal treatment on some keeping qualities of soy-cassava starch paste in the preparation of akara. ASSET (Accepted).
(xiv)  Bakare,H.A., Adegunwa, M.O.and Osundahunsi, O.F. (2011).Optimisation of lye-peeling of Cassava (Manihot esculents Crantz) using response surface methodology. ASSET (Accepted)
(xv)  Adegunwa, M.O, Alamu, E.O .Bakare, H.A. and Godwin, P.O (2011).
Effect of fermentation length and varieties on the qualities of corn starch (Ogi) production. American Journal of Food and Nutrition (Accepted).
(xvi)  Adegunwa, M.O, Alamu,  E.O. , Bakare, H.A. and Oyeniyi, C.O. (2011). Proximate and bioactive contents of some selected Vegetables in Nigeria: Processing and Varietal effects. American Journal of Food and Nutrition (Accepted).

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