Eni-Olorunda, J.T: Publications

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(c)    Eni-Olorunda, J.T. (1990). Nurse-Physician conflict: It’s effect on the Nursing Care of Clients. Unpublished B.Sc. Project, Department of Nursing, University of Ibadan.  

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24.    Eni-Olorunda, J.T. and Oko, D.E. (In press). Utilisation of Advance Graphic Organiser and Self-monitoring in the management of Perseveration in Children with Learning Disabilities in Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State, Nigeria.  Ghana Journal of Education and Teaching (GHAJET) No. 12(Letter of acceptance dated 24th March, 2011)

(i)    Eni-Olorunda, J.T. and Adediran O.A. Using Audiotape and Individualised Instructional Strategies in Improving English Reading Comprehension of pupils with intellectual disability in selected special schools in Ibadan, Nigeria. The Journal of the International Association of Special Education.

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