Eni-Olorunda, J.T: Research

(i)    Investigating the HIV/AIDS status of adolescents with mental retardation.
(ii)    Coping with Autistic children
(iii)    The placed of early childhood intervention in improving the social behaviour and educational skills of autistic children and children with mental retardation.
(iv)    Application of applied behaviour analysis in modifying inappropriate behaviours in children with autism and those with mental retardation.

(i)    Investigation of HIV/AIDS status of adolescents with mental retardation: Ogun, Oyo and Lagos States as case studies
(ii)    Environment: A factor in Mental retardation: A case study of Juvenile Remand Home Ibadan
(iii)    Broken Home: A possible factor in Learning Disabilities among Senior Secondary School Students in Ogun and Oyo States Nigeria
(iv)    Assessment of the practice of family planning among selected parents of children with mental retardation and autism in Lagos and Ogun States, Nigeria.

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