Wara, S.T: Publications

Few out of his Publications.
Wara, S. T. (2005). Transformer Winding Technology and Design.Ph.D Thesis, University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria.
Wara, S. T. (1991). Design, Construction and Commission of a Rotary Variac.M.Eng.Thesis, University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria.
Wara, S. T. (1990). Investigating the Dielectric Properties of Grains and Cereals in the Audio Frequency Range. B.Eng. Project Report, University of Benin, Benin City,Nigeria.

Refereed Articles:
1.    Olajuyin E.A ,Wara S.T, Adejumobi A.I, Akinwale A.T(2014) Long Term Load Forecasting Using Artificial Neural Network(Accepted for publication)
2.    Olusanya S, Wara S.T., Adejumobi, I. A, Adebayo G. I.(2014) Development of a Tier 1 Transformer Condition Index Calculator International Journal of Engineering and Technical Research,Volume 02, Issue 03,issn: 2321 – 0869, pp 1- 6, Available online at http//: www.erpublication.orgh
3.    Oluwakorede Olakunle Ologun, Samuel Wara(2014). Carbon Footprint     Evaluation And Reduction As A Climate Change Mitigation Tool – Case Study Of Federal University Of Agriculture Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria, International Journal of Renewable Energy Research, Vol. 4, No.1(2014), http//www.ijrer.org, Online ISSN 1309 – 0127
4.    Matthew S.1, Wara S. T.2, Adejumobi I. A.3, , Ajisegiri, E.S.A, Oanikpekun A. J.   (2014). Power System’s Voltage Stability Improvement  Using Static Var Compensator, International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering, Vol. 4, No.1(2014), 494 -501, IS SN 2250 – 2459, ISO9001:2008 Certified Journal, Available online at  http//www.ijetae.com.
5.     Wara, S. T., Abe, S. E. (2013). Mitigating Climate Change by the     Development and Deployment of Solar Water Heating Systems, Journal of Energy, Volume 2013 (2013), Article ID 679035, 7 pages,         http://dx.doi.org/10.1155/2013/679035(Available online)
6.    *I. A. Adejumobi and S. T. Wara(2012), Energy Consumption Reduction Using Domestic Efficient Loads, International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering, IJECES, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek kneza Trpmira, Croatia(Accepted for publication)
7. I.R. Ilaboya, S.T. Wara, A.A. Erameh, F.F. Asekhame and O.O. Ighodaro(2011), Energy  And the Environment;Analysis of the Causes, Consequences and Remedies to Deforestation and Global Warming,The Nigerian Engineer, 42 – 52, ISSN 0331 – 5967
8. Wara, S.T.,Ngubi, F.W.,Ilaboya, I.R., Njoya, H.K., Okkwuonu, U.C., Sarah Collins, Scott Burnett(2010), New Frontier In Cooking Technology – Cooking Green, The Nigerian Engineer, 42 – 50, ISSN 0331 – 5967
9. Wara, S. T., Abayomi-Alli, A, Umo, N. D., Oghogho, I. and  Odikayor, C. D. (2009). An impact assessment of the Nigerian power sector reforms. Advanced Materials Research, 62 – 64: 147 – 152.   http://www.scientific.net
10. Wara, S. T., Oghogho, I., Abayomi-Alli, A., Odikayor, C. D, and Essien, M. S. (2009). Human body resistance and temperature measurement device. Advanced Materials Research,  62 – 64: 153 – 158.     http://www.scientific.net
11. Orovwode, H. E. and Wara, S. T. (2008). Design, development and commissioning of an indigenous  parliamentary voting system. Journal of Applied Sciences, 11(3): 8103 – 8120
12. Orovwode, H. E. and Wara, S. T. (2008). Automatic voltage regulators (AVRs):  causes of failures and solution – case studies. Journal of Science and Technology, 15(3): 8502 – 8511.
13. Ilaboya, I. R., Wara, S. T. and Hymore, F. K. (2008). Re – engineering our waste management methods: a road map for sustainable development. Journal for Engineering and Economic Development, 1(1): 49 – 58.
14. Wara, S. T., Ilaboya, I. R. and Hymore, F. K. (2008). Poverty alleviation and national development: prospects and challenges. Journal for Engineering and Economic Development, 1 (1): 59 – 69.
15. Sunday, A. A., Ekpo, S., Udoanya, E. O., Wara, S. T. and Orovwode, H. E. (2007). Design and construction of a hybrid broadband antenna.International Research Journal in Engineering, Science & Technology, 4(1): 1 – 5.  http://www.irejestjournal.org
17. Wara, S. T., Orovwode, H. E. and Mohammed, O. A. (2007). Design, construction and simulation of an electric water level controller.International Research Journal in Engineering, Science & Technology, 4(1): 106 – 116.   http://www.irejestjournal.org
18. Ekeh, J. C., Wara, S. T. and Orovwode, H. E. (2007).Management of existing electric power with energy saving devices.Transtech publications ltd, Switzerland, pp 117 – 124.    http://www.scientific.net
18. Ozumba, S., Wara, S. T., Oboma, S. and Kalu, C. (2006). Computer aided design of the magnetic circuit of a 3 phase power transformer. Ife Journal of Technology, 15(2): 99 – 108.

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