Wara, S.T: Research

路聽聽 聽Energy management, Energy efficiency, Energy conservation & Environment, Solar technology(water heating and power generation), Retention technology(hot/cold retention)

Broad Research Interest: Energy and Environment
路聽聽 聽Health support diagnostic systems: Development of a heartbeat monitoring system; Researchers: Jinadu(past student, 2011/2012), and S.T. Wara; the intention of the research was to develop local capacity in the management of health related challenges especially with respect to high blood pressure, cardiac arrests/sudden deaths ;
路聽聽 聽Application of Solar Energy for power supply and water heating(Conservation and Clean Energy Researches)
Researchers : students, Wara S.T, Adejumobi I.A., Amusa A.K., Adebisi O.I.: Using solar PV systems to provide electricity for offices, laboratories and powering teaching aids; converting the sun鈥檚聽 radiation through a heat exchanger to heat water for domestic and agricultural purposes, retrofitting domestic water heaters for dual mode operation(using solar energy and mains supply from PHCN)
路聽聽 聽Power Quality Researches
Researchers: Students,聽 S.T. Wara, Adejumobi A I, Adebisi, Olanipekun, Ajisegiri E. S.A; to cater for issues in the power system: losses, voltage stability, power supply stability
Research outcome: Various publications AND DEVELOPMENT OF PANELS
路聽聽 聽Information and Technology based Researches;
Researchers: students, S.T. WARA, A. I. Adejumobi, Adebisi, A. K.聽 Amusa, O.O. Nuga; Development of a LAN to enhance the sharing of peripherals in the Department of Electrical Engineering And Electronic聽 amongst lecturer; Development of a wired intercom based system to enhance communication with faculty in the Department of Electrical And Electronic Engineering.
路聽聽 聽Adaptive Technology Research
Researchers: S.T. Wara et a.l.,
The focus is to provide solutions to the immediate challenge of the non availability of power for small businesses, field workers, drinks/water hawkers, vaccine administrators, picnic facilitators, caterers etc by the use of conditioning bags/pouches. These are tailor specific made to suit the purpose for application and the condition to be maintained(coldness or hotness). The functionality has been tested and ascertained to be very efficient within the first twelve hours

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