IFSERAR Building is 95 Percent Completed — Director, Professor Segun Osinowo

Behold; the imposing IFSERAR’s Office Complex. Inset: The Director of the Institute, Prof. Segun Osinowo pointing to the plan of the Building on his Laptop

The Institute for Food Security, Environmental Resouces and Agricultural Research (IFSERAR) building, along Mawuko Road, is 5 percent close to completion.
The Director of the Institute, Professor Segun Osinowo disclosed in an exclusive chat with FUNAAB Bulletin on Thursday that the edifice is 95 percent completed.
His words, “The only thing I will say is that the IFSERAR building is 95 percent completed. The landscaping has not been done but we are aware of the fact that it is not part of the original plan. We also know that PPU is already doing something on the landscaping. As far as we are concerned, the project is a major achievement for the University because for the first time, we have a fairly well completed research building that has facilities for our research programmes”, he added.
Professor Osinowo’s assessment of the project corroborated the declaration of the Deputy Director, Directorate of Physical Planning (DPP), Architect Babatunde Anasanwo, who in an earlier interview he granted and which was published in the last edition of FUNAAB Bulletin stated that “IFSERAR Building is as good as completed”.
Expatiating his assessment, the Director of IFSERAR noted that though work on the project “foot-dragged” for over two years, however, the coming of the present administration has expressly hastened the pace of work on the building.
He attributed the development to “a different approach” adopted by the Professor Olusola Bandele Oyewole led administration.
According to him, “with the coming of the new administration, a different approach was adopted such that within a month, the work progressed tremendously. Painting has been done, the ceiling has been done, the plumbing almost completed. We still met workers on site on 17th September”, he added.

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