Njoku, C. P: Research

Research completed but not yet published

  1. Influence of age at weaning and continual fluctuation in energy density on growth, nutrients digestibility, physiological response, carcass yield and meat quality characteristics of growing-finishing pigs
  2. Response of broiler chickens to different litter management strategies
  3. Effects of feed and water deprivation during the neonatal period on growth performance, gut morphology, meat quality and fatty acid profile of broiler chickens
  4. Response of growing pigs to dietary flavours and weight asymmetry
  5. Response of weaner pigs to different herbal-mix feed additives and weight asymmetry
  6. Research in Progress
  1. Strategic use of sole or combination of herbal plants as alternative in-feed antibiotics in growth and morphological responses, nutrient digestibility, haematological and serological responses of growing pigs

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