Request for Input on the Development of FUNAAB Knowledge Centre

I write to remind you of our request on FUNAABPEDIA, one of the initiatives of Webometrics Centre having recognized your efforts in research and development in this University and globally.

The purpose of FUNAABPEDIA is to develop and institute a knowledge centre within our university’s website and to make it more visible to the entire world. In view of these, the Webometrics Centre needs to gather our expertise, innovations, ideas and contributions to knowledge in form of the following:

1.       Steps to set up an Agricultural Entrepreneurship with documentaries  for example, farming, fish  farming , piggery, poultry , herbal  medicine , irrigation , livestock production, Food Microbiology, Food Security, Agricultural Development, Biotechnology, Sustainable Development, Geophysics , Social-economic  statistics, ICT in Agriculture , Agricultural  Engineering , Soil  Science, veterinary Medicine etc

2.       Putting our extension services on web in order to showcase the institutional efforts.

3.       Solving Agricultural problems through web

4.       Showcasing our scholars, researchers as consultants to the whole world

FUNAABPEDIA will be a solution centre to all Agricultural problems on web.

We realized that Webometrics Centre alone cannot implement such a project therefore; we want you to partner with us in achieving this laudable idea.

We shall expect your contributions in the following format:

1.       Topic/Title of the Research or Project

2.       Information about the research or project

3.       Pictures/ videos  related to the research or project

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If you want us to meet you, kindly give us the date and time. For more information please call 08035640707 or send mail to

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