Weekly Tips from Webometrics Centre 1

Dear Content  Contributor,

We thank you for the audience and responses to our previous mails.
However, we will like to share with you the following websites.

1. UNAAB Library e-resources link for staff and students

2.  Inaugural Lectures of our distinguished Professors can now be
viewed through

We seize this opportunity  to solicit for inputs from the previous
inaugural lecturers whose lectures are not presently listed on UNAAB
website, for immediate uploading.

3.  Our contributors can also visit this website for electronic-books
(e-books) in any discipline www.4shared.com

4. Learn more on how to use Bibliometrics in Evaluating Research
through http://www.isiwebofknowledge.com and

Thank you for your usual cooperation. We welcome comments and
suggestions that will make us serve the university community better.

Olusegun Folorunso
Coordinator, Webometrics Centre, UNAAB