Environmental & Social Management Plan

PART I: Activity Description

A.  Country and Sector Context
B.  Project Development Objectives
C.  Project Description
D. 4. Project location and salient physical characteristics relevant to the safeguard analysis
E.  Institutional and Implementation Arrangements
F.  Environmental screening, assessment and management and World Bank applicable environment policies
G.  Environmental Management Approach
H.  Monitoring and Reporting

PART II: EMP Checklist for Activities

Nigeria – Centre of Excellence in Agricultural Development and Sustainable Development-Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta


1. Hazardous or toxic materials

  • Removal and disposal of toxic and/or hazardous demolition and / or construction waste
  • Storage of machine oils and lubricants


Section F
Toxic Materials

Toxic / hazardous waste management

  • Temporarily storage on site of all hazardous or toxic substances will be in safe containers labeled with details of composition, properties and handling information
  • The containers of hazardous substances should be placed in an leak-proof container to prevent spillage and leaching
  • The wastes are transported by specially licensed carriers and disposed in a licensed facility.

Paints with toxic ingredients or solvents or lead-based paints will not be used

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