E. Institutional & Implementation Arrangements

10.  Each selected institution will implement its own Africa Centres of Excellence proposal. Further, administrative capacity, most often from the institutions’ central administration will assist with the fiduciary tasks. An ACE team is established, led by a Centre leader who is a recognized educator/researcher within the primary discipline of the ACE and supported by faculty from the relevant engaged departments. The university will be responsible for the implementation of the environment management plan under the supervision of the national review committee and the World Bank team. In countries where a related project implementation unit with experience of World Bank safeguard guidelines exists, this unit will provide guidance to the implementing university.

11.  Each government will constitute a National Review Committee through the ministry or agency responsible for higher education. It is tasked with a semi-annual review of performance and implementation support, including approvals of withdrawal applications and implementation planning (but with no day-to-day implementation or approvals). This committee will include members from Ministry of Finance, as well as relevant line ministries based on the focus area of the ACEs (e. g agriculture, health, oil and gas etc.).

12.  The regional ACE Steering Committee will provide overall guidance and oversight for the project.

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