A One-day Lecture on the Use of Real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction

In keeping up with the mandate of applying biotechnology to solving plant pathological problems, the FUNAAB/KNUST/DfID/ARCN/BRITISH COUNCIL TOMATO RESEARCH PROJECT has deliberately maintained a working relationship with some biotechnological organizations. Two representatives of INQABA Biotech South Africa (Dr. Jane Wright and Mr. Lukman Aroworamimo) were in the Project Laboratory to interact with the project team members. Dr. Jane Wright, a Senior Researcher in Inqaba Biotech, also delivered a lecture on ‘Polymerase Chain reaction and Emerging Trends in Biotechnology.’ The lecture took place on the 29th April, 2014.

In attendance at this event were the Director, FUNAAB Biotechnology Centre, Prof. A. O. Adebambo, the Deputy Dean, COLPLANT, Dr. J. K. Adesodun, the representative of the Directorate of Grants Management, FUNAAB, Dr. Jamiu Azeez, senior laboratory technologists in the University, postgraduate students and Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory team members.

Highlights of the lecture include Primer Design, Use of Primer Design Software (BLAST), Polymerase Chain reaction and Real time Polymerase Chain reaction (qPCR).

Postgraduate students in attendance were privileged to ask questions with respect to their research.

The lecture ended with the presentation of gifts from the Vice-Chancellor, Professor O.B. Oyewole to the two representatives of INQABA Biotech.

Dr. Jane Wright of Inqaba Biotech South Africa addressing the audience during the Project’s Special Lecture on the use of PCR machine, April 29, 2014.

The Director, Biotechnology Centre, FUNAAB at the one-day lecture

Presentation of Gifts to Dr. Jane Wright by a Postgraduate student on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor, FUNAAB.

Presentation of Gifts to Mr. Lukman Aroworamimo of Inqaba Biotech., South Africa.

Researchers with research students on tomato field

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