An output of FUNAAB/KNUST/DfID/ARCN/BRITISH COUNCIL TOMATO RESEARCH PROJECT is the Tomato Germplasm Collection Centre located in the Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory, COLPLANT, FUNAAB. The Centre holds 150 accessions of tomato collected from countries in Africa, Europe, Asia and USA. This is in addition to 43 hybrids that are still undergoing selection process.  
Over the years, the Project has made these seeds available to students, researchers and growers at no cost. Such requests for seeds had been through direct contact with PI or any member of the team, or through the project website. We have had an instance of a request for the whole accessions in our possession. In our open-access stand, we had obliged and yielded to the request without cost on the part of the applicant.
After four years of granting these requests, we observed that there is no relenting in this respect. We also took notice that the sponsoring had stopped. We have been able to maintain the basic multiplication of these seeds for continual availability through the little fund remaining in the ARCN-CARGS Tomato Transformation Project. It is becoming difficult to continue giving out these seeds free-of-charge.
Recently, the Project got the approval of the Vice-Chancellor to commence the sale of our seeds.  
We therefore wish to inform all that the Project’s tomato seeds will now be offered for sale at a rate of N200 per 2g seeds. Two grams of tomato seeds contain between 500 – 1000 seeds, depending on the variety. Our seeds have 85% germinability rate.  
We hope to make the University’s IGR account number available very soon.

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