Promise Fulfilled : Presentation of PCR Machine to Biotechnology Advanced Laboratory, SHESTCO, Abuja

1.  Promise Fulfilled : Presentation of PCR Machine to Biotechnology Advanced Laboratory, SHESTCO, Abuja.
In keeping up with ethics of research collaboration, the FUNAAB/KNUST/DfID/ARCN/BRITISH COUNCIL TOMATO RESEARCH PROJECT fulfilled a pledge made at the inception of the project by inviting the research collaborator, the Biotechnology Advanced Laboratory, to come for the promised Polymerase Chain Reaction machine bought for the Laboratory.

Consequently, the Project received a representative of Biotechnology Advanced Laboratory on 7th April, 2014.  
The handing-over of the machine commenced with a brief meeting at the office of the Director of Grants, Dr. Kolawole Adebayo before proceeding to Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory. At the handing-over ceremony was the Dean of COLPLANT, Prof. J. G. Bodunde, the Director of Grants Management, Dr. Kolawole Adebayo, a scientific adviser to the Grants Directorate, Dr. Jamiu Azeez and others.

The Principal Invesitgator, Dr. A.R. Popoola, took the gathering through memory lane as he explained the decision of the research team to cede a PCR machine to BAL in exchange for BAL’s provision of bench space and lodging accommodation for the Principal Investigator and Project Research Student at the last objective of the project.

The Dean of COLPLANT applauded the maintenance of research ethics and the need for Postgraduate students to emulate this gesture. He expressed his desire for continous collaboration between the College and BAL.

The Director of Grants Management, Dr. Kolawole Adebayo emphasised that the University would always honour any agreement entered into by any of the researchers under the employment of the University. He commended the Tomato Transformation Team for ensuring a fulfilment of an earlier promise. He also promised to be in continual support of the objectives of the research as it approaches its last phase and encouraged others to look out for grants in order to enhance their research.

Mr. Charles Osuji, the representative of BAL, applauded the University’s efforts at facilitating the handing over and the reception accorded to him on his visit. He gave the goodwill of the management of BAL and reiterated the readiness of BAL to reciprocate by keeping their own part of the agreement.  

Mr. Charles Osuji, representative of Biotechnology Advanced Laboratory, at the handing-over of PCR machine acquired for BAL through ARCN/CARGS-funded Tomato Transformation Project.

The Dean, COLPLANT addressing the audience at the handing-over of PCR machine

Address by the Principal Investigator, Dr. A.R. Popoola, during handing-over

Presentation of Thermal Cycler to BAL representative

Mr. Charles Osuji expressed appreciation at the warm reception accorded him and the handing-over of the PCR machine to BAL.

Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory team members

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