Oke, O. E: Publications

(a)  Oke, O. E. 2012. Effects of Deep Litter System with Access to Grasses or Legumes Pasture on Welfare and Reproductive Performance of Layers.
(b)  Oke, O. E. 2010. Comparative Developmental Trajectory of Four Strains of Chicken Embryos during Incubation and their Post-Hatch Growth.

(c) Oke,O. E. 2006. Effect of substitution of fat with melon seed meal on quality characterstics of pork sausages.


i.  Oso, A.O., O.E. Oke, M.O. Abioja, J.A. Abiona, G.A. Agbodo, and T.O. Adebowale. 2013. Growth and Physiological Response of Local Turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) Offered Dietary Vitamin C. Pacific Journal of Science and Technology. 14(2):441-447.

ii.  Oke, O.E., O.M. Onagbesan, A.O. Ladokun, O.A. Adeyemi, and L.O. Obanla. 2013. “Effect of Deep Litter System with or without Access to Grass or Legume Pastures on Egg Fatty Acids and Proximate Composition”. Pacific Journal of Science and Technology. 14(2):433-440.

iii.  Oke, O. E., Obanla, L. O., Onagbesan, O. M. and Daramola, J. O. 2013. Comparative developmental trajectory of four strains of chicken embryo during incubation and their post-hatch growth, Nigerian Journal of Animal Production (Accepted).

iv.  Oke, O. E., Onagbesan, O. M., Obanla, L. O., Daramola, J. O. and Abioja, M. O. 2013.
Evaluation of Nigerian indigenous chicken and exotic broiler hatching eggs during incubation and hatching, Nigeria Poultry Science Journal (Accepted).

v.  Oke, O. E., Onagbesan, O. M. Ladokun, A. O. and Adeyemi O. A. 2013. Effects of Deep Litter System with or Without Access to Grasses or Legumes Pasture on Some Egg Quality Characteristics at Peak Production. Proc. 38th Conf., Nig. Soc. Anim. Prod. Port Harcourt, Pp. 795-798.

vi. Oke, O. E., Onagbesan, O. M., Ladokun A. O., Adeyemi, O. A., Abioja, M. O. and Abiona, J. A. 2013. Effects of deep litter system with or without access to grasses or legumes pasture on reproductive tract characteristics of layers. Proceeding of the 4th Nigeria International Poultry Summit, Abeokuta. Pp. 91 -98.

vii. Ladokun, A. O., Otite, J. R., Sokunbi, A. O., Joel, S., Akinfemi, A., Oke, O. E. and Adejumo, D. O. 2012. Volumetric proportion of spermatogenic element of cockerels administered different dietary crude hormonal extract. Nigeria Poultry Science Journal 8: 77 – 82.

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ix.  Williams, T. J., James, I. J., Abdulateef, M. R., Onabegun, L. O., Jinadu, S. O., Falade, S. O., Solola, F. T., Adewunmi, O. O. and Oke, O. E. 2012. Composition and specific gravity of milk of West African Dwarf sheep as affected by stage of lactation and parity. Nigerian Journal of Animal Production, 39(2):2012.

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xi.  Abiona, J. A., Oke, O. E., Akinduti, P. A., Abioja, M. O. and Onagbesan, O.M. 2012. Haemaglutination potential of layers raised on three rearing methods using natural agglutinins from giant African land Snails (Archachatina marginata). Proceeding of the World Poultry Science Association, Togo. Pp 25-29.

xii.  Obanla, L. O., Oke, O. E., Onagbesan , O.M. Williams, T. J. Abioja, M. O. Daramola, J. O. and Abiona, J. A. 2012. Nutrient utilization during incubation and post-hatch juvenile growth of Nigerian indigenous chicken and two exotic strains of chicken under Nigerian condition. Archivos de zootecnia (Accepted).

xiii. Iyasere, O. S., Daramola, J. O., Osinowo, J. O., Adio, B. R., Salami, M. I., Obanla, O., Ogunsola, O. A., Oke, O. E., Ochefu J. and Onagbesan, O. M. 2010. Grazing behavior of cow and ewes in sown pasture. Proceeding of the 35th Annual Conference of the Nigeria Society for Animal Production, Ibadan. Pp 622-624.

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