Quality Assurance (QA) Unit:

1. Ensures that performance processes in all aspects of the University functions are appropriate and relevant.

2. Coordinates internal assessment of academic programmes, institutional facilities and essential services.

3. Ensures that the infrastructure are sufficient, maintain and use optimally.

4. Ensures quality in student enrolment process by enforcing merit-based enrolment exercise.

5. Ensures quality in students’ service delivery, including hostel facilities standards and maintenance.

6. Monitors adherence to best practices by non-teaching centres such as electrical distribution, installation, water supply and distribution, in each building within the University.

7. Ensures that Academic Staff, Non-teaching Staff and students’ adhere to standard ethics.

  • Develops quality assurance information system that cover:
  • Student progression and success rate
  • Employability of graduates
  • Students’ satisfaction with their programmes
  • Effectiveness of lecturers
  • Profile of the student population
  • Learning resources available

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