Council Members Inspect On-going Projects

Members of the Capital Development Committee of the University Governing Council have conducted a guided inspection tour of the on-going projects on campus.

The projects inspected were the Information and Communications Technology Resources Centre (ICTREC), Centre for Entrepreneurship (CENTS) Building and the 1,000-seater Lecture Theatre.

Others include the 750-seater science Laboratory, the College of Management Sciences (COLMAS), the newly-constructed road and a third gate leading into the University, as well as the Grandstand of the Sports field.

While inspecting the construction site of the Centre for Entrepreneurship (CENTS) Building, which was part of the 2011/2012 Merged-Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund) project, the Committee was glad to notice a large lecture hall which can also serve as an exhibition ground.

At the construction site of the 1,000-seater Lecture Theatre which is expected to have a main hall with six doors and 20 toilets all together, its basement was converted into offices to utilise the space created during construction. The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Olusola Oyewole, informed members that the furniture for the lecture theatre had been purchased for about 18 million Naira, and kept until the completion of the 97 million Naira building. Commenting on the date of completion of the project, the Acting Head, Directorate of Physical Planning, Architect Babatunde Anasanwo, admitted that though the contractor was working behind schedule, due to challenges encountered during construction, he had, promised completion by end of November, 2014. On the needs of the physically-challenged students, Architect Anasanwo said ramps have been provided at two of the entrances to the building.

Meanwhile, the 750-science Laboratory Complex consists of a 250-seater capacity each for Physics, Chemistry and Biology, as well as an office area. The project was now about 70 percent completed. The Laboratory Complex which costs over 200 million naira is part of the 2011/2012 TETFund Project.

At the College of Management Sciences (COLMAS), which has 16 lecture rooms on both floors, the Vice-Chancellor said even though the classrooms may not be able to take more than 100 students at once, Management had proposed another 1,000-seater auditorium to be constructed beside the building.

While commending the Federal Government for providing funds for the development of the University, the Chairman of FUNIS Board and a member of the University Governing Council, Chief Olukayode Akindele, said the magnificent building would be the envy of all the buildings on campus. The inspection team thereafter rode on the newly-constructed road leading into the University, onto the Grandstand on the Sports field which was being handled by direct labour to hasten its completion.

Expressing gratitude to Committee Members for taking out time to inspect on-going projects, the Vice-Chancellor also informed that the University has received 50 percent of the funds allocated by government for the NEEDS assessment projects. He, again, commended the Federal Government for the prompt release of funds, saying that “I am not sure if our University has ever received such an amount, since its inception at once”.

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