Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century

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As a follow up to our last episode on Teaching and Learning Tips, which shows that having adequate planning is a prerequisite for Quality Teaching Delivery. Thus, teaching must be handled with great seriousness and passion that it requires. In this 21st Century, teaching is as dynamic as the technology. Therefore, university teachers cannot stand aloof.


It is obvious that teaching and learning nowadays are being driven by technology. Therefore, lecturers must be aligned and versatile in the use of technology, as a means of bringing lectures to their consciousness, in order to have great impact in the classroom experience. However, we are made to know that it is not what you say in the classroom that counts but what your listeners/students learn that matters. Let us take a look at lecturing tips and videos as being presented in a world-class university – Harvard University click Here. You can have a look at Professor Patrick Winston of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on how he outlined a structure for how to give an effective lecture.


However, I feel it is important that we share some video clips of best practices of teaching in Higher Education in the 21st Century.


1.     Jo Handelsman – Scientific Teaching: What Happens when Faculty act like Scientists?

2.     Teaching in America: A Guide for International Faculty


I hope these videos would create an interesting thinking in us, to be able to develop Evidence-based teaching and has justified why we need to change the way science is being taught, especially in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. Meanwhile, if we are to abide by the learner-centre approach of teaching in the above-mentioned subjects, we need to be scientific in our teaching and also embrace teaching with technology, rather than using only traditional face-to-face approach of teaching (Blended Learning). I really want to appreciate the Department of Communication and  General Studies and other Departments in the University for leading in this direction.


Let us look at how to effectively use an MS-PowerPoint presentation while preparing our lecture contents  and its misuse, click HERE.

The following resources on Higher Education are available here:


1.     Innovative Methods of Teaching and Learning Chemistry in Higher Education- Book Review by Michael Gagan-Royal society of Chemistry, 2009.


2.     A  Handbook for Teaching and Learning in Higher education- Enhancing Academic Practice  – 3rd Edition


3.     Guide to effective teaching and learning in Africa Editors: Pai Obayan, Shabani & Okebukola


4.     Quality Assurance in Africa : Towards A Continental Higher Education & Research by  Shabani,   Okebukola and Oyewole


5.     High level Group on Modernisation of Higher Education- Report to the European commission ON New Modes of Learning and Teaching in Higher education


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Director, Centre for Innovation and Strategy in Learning and Teaching