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Journal Articles in Print

1. Oduye, O. O., Antia, R.E., Nottidge, H.O., Taiwo, V.O., Adeyemi, I.G., Okewole, E.A., Adeyemo, O.K., Cadmus, S.I.B., Sonibare, A.O., Ajadi, R.A., and Lasisi, O.T., (2001): Trypanosomosis in City Dogs in South Western Nigeria Tropical Veterinarian. 19:49-54. Published by Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Ibadan.

2. Nottidge, H.O., Ajadi, R.A., Cadmus, S.I.B, Sonibare, A.O., Okewole, E.A., Taiwo , V.O., Emipke, B., Adedokun, R.A.M.,  and Oduye, O., (2003): Liver cirrhosis associated with a non responsive ascites in a 10 month old Alsatian dog – A case report. African Journal of Biomedical Research 6: 151-153. Published by Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Ibadan

3. Ajuwape, A.T.P., Sonibare, A.O., Adedokun, R.A.M., Adedokun O.A., Adejinmi, J.O., and Akinboye, D.G., (2003): Infection of royal python (python regius ) with ticks Amblyomma hebraeun in Ibadan Zoo, Nigeria. Tropical Veterinarian 21: 38-41. Published by Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Ibadan

4. Omobowale, T.O., Emikpe B.O., Saba A.B., and Sonibare, A.O., (2006): Diazinon toxicity in a commercial layer flock. On the University of Ibadan Farm, Nigeria Bulletin of Animal Health and Production in Africa 54, 298-300 Published by Africa Union Inter Africa Bureau for Animal Resources Kenya

5. Ogunleye O.A., Oyekunle M.A, and Sonibare A.O. (2008): Multi-drug resistant Escherichia coil isolates of poultry origin in Abeokuta, South Western Nigeria. Veterinarski Arhiv 78 (6), 501-509. Published by Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Zagreb, Croatia. Available online: http://www.vef.hr/vetarhiv/papers/2008-78-6pdf

6. Oloye, O.O., Olurode, A.O., Taabi, A.O., Sonibare, A.O., and Sogebi, E.A.O., (2009): Reproductive failures in food animals- A five year retrospective review. ASSET Journal of Agricultural Sciences, Environmental and Technology 9 (1): 39-47. Published by Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta.

*7. Kumshe, H.A., Otesile, E.B., Sonibare A.O., Mbaya, A. and Oladosu L.A., (2010); Some indices of trypanotolerance in three breeds of Nigerian goats that differ in susceptibility to trypanosomosis. The Internet Journal of Veterinary Medicine 8 (2) ISSN 1939 – 8165 Published by ISPUB.COM

*8. Sonibare, A.O., Kumshe, H.A., Adejinmi, J.O., Ajuwape, A.T.P., Adedokun, O.A., Adedokun, R.A.M., Ayoade, G.O., Akinboye, G.B., (2010): Eperythrozoonosis in Royal python (python requis) in Zoological Garden in Ibadan Nigeria Sokoto Journal of Veterinary Science 8: 56-60. Published by Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Usman Dan Fodiyo University, Sokoto

*9. Sonibare A.O., Kumshe H.A., Okewole, E.A., Talabi A.O., Alaka, O.O., Otesile E.B., and Joshua, R.A. (2011). Survival and infectivity studies of in-vitro cultivated larvae of Haemonchus contortus in sheep and goats in Nigeria Vet World 4 (12): 533-536. Published by Veterinaryworld.org 

*10. Sonibare A.O., Omotainse S.O., Oyekunle M.A., Ajayi, L.O., Adenubi, O., Ojo, E.O., Okewole P.A., Oluwole, O.A., Dipeolu, M.A., and Otesile, E.B. (2011): Rabies in West African Dwarf Goat (Fouta djallon) in Abeokuta, South Western Nigeria: A case report. Zariya Veterinarian 8 (1): 42- 47 Published by Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria

*11. Yussuf, A.O., Sowande, O.S., Iposu, O.S., Sonibare, A.O., Sogunle, O.M. and Adegbite, J.A. (2011). Effects of diets containing different nutrient density on performance and feacal egg count of West African Dwarf rams. Nigerian Journal of Animal Production 38 (1): 155- 160. Published by the Nigerian Society for Animal Production

*12. Sonibare, A.O., Okewole, E.A., Otesile, E.B. and Joshua, R.A. (2011): Experimental Haemonchus contortus infections and indices of haemonchotolerance in three breeds of Nigerian Goats. Folia Veterinarian 55 (4): 155- 161. Published by University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy, Kosice, Slovak Republic

13.      Adewale. Oladele Talabi, Mufutau Atanda Oyekunle, Ibironke kofoworola Oyewusi, Adekayode Olanrewaju Sonibare, Ebenezer babatunde Otesile and P.A. Okewole. (2011). Preliminary Observation on Foot and Mouth Disease in the Trans- Boundary areas of Ogun State, Nigeria. Journal of Commonwealth Veterinary Association. Special issue Vol 27. (2) 98-101.  Published by European Commission

*14. Sanusi, A.O., Peters, S.O., Sonibare, A.O., Imumorin, I.G. and Ozoje, M.O. (2012): Preliminary association of coat colour types and tolerance to Haemonchus contortus infections in West African Dwarf sheep. Journal of Applied Animal Research 40 (1): 1-7. Published by Taylor and Francis, UK (http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/09712119.201.634178)

*15. Fadare, A.O., Peters, S.O., Yakubu, A., Sonibare, A.O., Adeleke, M.A., Ozoje, M.O. and Imumorin, I.G. (2012). Physiological and haemotological indices suggest superior heat tolerance of white-coloured West African dwarf Sheep in the hot humid tropics. Tropical Animal Health and Production 45 (1): 157- 165. Published by Springer Science + Business Media BV 2012 available online DOI 10.1007/s11250-012-0187-0

*16. Ajadi, R.A., Okwelum, N., Sonibare, A.O., Liebsch, K.R., Williams, C.E., Klein, A. L., Bennett, M.S., Kruse, J.T. and Gasal, O.S. (2012). Effects of tramadol premedication on ketamine anaesthesia in young pigs undergoing surgical castration Bulletin of Animal Health Production in Africa 60 (1): 77- 82. Published by Africa Union Inter Africa Bureau for Animal Resources, Kenya

*17. Olaniyi, O.O., Oyekunle, M.A., Ajayi, L.O, Omotainse, S.O., Sonibare, A.O., Talabi, A.O., and Alaka, O.O. (2012):  Acute respiratory disease associated with Mannheima haemolytica infection in a herd of West African dwarf sheep. Bulletin of Animal Health Production in Africa. 60 (2): 119- 125. Published by Africa Union Inter Africa Bureau for Animal Resources, Kenya

*18. Ajadi, R.A., Kehinde, O.O, Sonibare, A.O., Gazal, O.S., and Kasali, O.B. (2012): Effect of road transportation of cattle between trans-boundary area and central abattoir of Abeokuta, Ogun State on Plasma cortisol, blood glucose and leukocyte parameters. Bulletin of Animal Health Production in Africa 60 (3): 373- 376. Published by Africa Union Inter Africa Bureau for Animal Resources, Kenya

*19. Ojo, O.E., Awosile, B., Agbaje, M., Sonibare, A.O., Oyekunle, M.A. and Kasali, O.B. (2012): Quinolone resistance in bacterial isolates from chicken carcasses in Abeokuta, Nigeria. A Retrospective study from 2005- 2011 Nigerian Veterinary Journal 33 (2) 483- 491. Published by Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association

*20. Ayankoso, M.T., Sowande, S.O., Iposu, S.O., Sonibare, A.O., Oni, A.O., Sowande, O.K., and Adekunle, A. (2012). Effects of diet containing different protein-energy densities on the performance of semi-intensively raised West African Dwarf Sheep. Journal of Applied Agricultural Research 4 (2) 53- 59. Published by Agricultural Research Council of Nigeria

*21. Kumshe, H.A., Mbaya, A.W., Otesile, E.B., Sonibare, A.O., Alaka, O.O., and Oladosu, L.A. (2012). Complement levels and haemato-biochemical parameters as indices of Trypanotolerance in Nigerian goats experimentally infected with Trypanosoma congolense Nigerian Veterinary Journal 33 (4): 635- 642. Published by Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association.

22.   Adekayode Olanrewaju Sonibare, Hussein Adam Kumshe, Emmanuel Adeniyi,  Okewole, Richard Adekunle Joshua, Joshua Luka and Ebenezer Babatunde, Otesile. (2014). Haematological responses of three Nigerian goat breeds to field acquired helminthes infection and their haemoglobin types. Biokemistri Vol 26 (1) 25-30. Published by Nigerian Society for Experimental Biology

23.    Adekayode Olanrewaju Sonibare, Adeniyi O. Egbetade, Ezekiel O. Omoshaba, Hussein, A. kumshe and Ayotunde O. Adebambo (2014). Selected plasma biochemical parameters in improved indigenous NIGERHYB pigs in Southwestern Nigeria. Biokemistri Vol 26 (2) 31-35. Published by Nigerian Society for Experimental Biology.

24.     Sonibare A.O., Famuyide, I. M, Takeet M.I., Oyewusi I.K., Egbetade A.O Abapka S.A.V.,  Adediran O.A and Solanke A.O (2016) Diminazene–resistant Trypanosoma vivax in West African Dwarf lamb in South West Nigeria. (A case report). Nigerian Journal of Parasitology. Published by Parasitology and Public Health Society of Nigeria.Accepted for publication December 2015.

 25. Sonibare A.O, Takeet M.I, Gasaliyu, K. A Agbebi O T. O, Sofela  S O and Thomas, F C (2016) Morphological identification and proteomic analysis in adult Haemonchus contortus of West   African Dwarf goats by 1DE SDS-PAGE Nigerian Journal of  Parasitology                     Published by Parasitology and Public Health Society of Nigeria Accepted for publication                

c) Chapters in books and periodicals

*26. Fadason, S.T., Allam, L., Abidoye and Sonibare, A.O. (2009). Swine Handling and Restraint. In Animal Handling and Restraint: An Instructive Approach Hassan Z.A. and Nwannenna, A.I. (eds.) 75- 87. Published by Ahmadu Bello University Press

(d) Articles in Referred Conference Proceedings

27. Sonibare, A.O., Ayoade, G.O., Olufemi, B.E., Otesile, E.B., and Kumshe, H. (2005). Lice (Lipeurus caponis) infestation in turkey and chicken in Ibadan, Nigeria. Proceedings of the First Nigeria International Poultry Summit A.O. Fanimo, S.O. Peters, O.M.M., Idowu, S.I. Ola and E.B. Soniya (eds) 177- 179. Published by Nigerian Poultry Association  

28. Giaji Y.A., Kumshe, H.A., Malha, A., and Sonibare, A.O., (2005): Parasitic causes of anaemia in Red Bororo Cattle in Nigeria. Proceedings of the 42nd Congress of the Nigeria Veterinary Medical Association S.S. Baba (Ed) 64-66. Published by Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association

29. Omotainse, S.O., Oyekunle, M.O., Sonibare, A.O., Luther, J.N., Shamaki, D., Dipeolu, M.A., Otesile, E.B. (2007). Clinical and Pathological Features of Outbreak of African Swine Fever on a Farm in South Western Nigerian Proceedings of 32rd Annual Conference of the Nigerian Society for Animal Production. L.N. Agwunobi and O.O. Olawoyin (eds) 42-44.

30. Sonibare, A.O., Kumshe, H.A., Talabi, A.O., and Biobaku, K.T., (2007). Effect of sex and age on the haematology of West African Dwarf Goats (Fouta Djallon) under three management systems Ibadan. Proceedings of 44th Annual Congress of the Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association B.D. Remi-Adewumi, A-Z. Hassan and I.N. Ogo 324-328.


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