The role of Information Technology in Education

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Last week, we discussed on Striking a Perfect Balance between Technology and Teachers. How higher institutions teachers are making use of social media in disseminating their teaching contents and perform their professional roles. I hope you find it interesting.


This week, we want to continue in the series, by presenting the Role of Information Technology in Education. Do you think information technology in education has been beneficial? Since the dawn of the 21st century, technology has crept its way into learning and teaching environments. As more technological advancements are made, then there is dire need for increased literacy levels on the use of this technology. Here are some of the roles played by information technology in education.


Information technology in education has improved communication. In regions that were once thought hard to reach such as places in sub-Saharan Africa are now accessible through eLearning. Tutors can lecture learners over long distances and scholars can achieve their academic papers through eLearning. Also, students that feel like studying from home can now do it.


Advancement of information technology in education has improved research. There are very many online libraries that assist teachers and students with comprehensive reading materials. Teachers and lecturers are also able to post their work online for their students to read. Click to Read more


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Prof.  O. M. Arigbede

Director, Centre for Innovation and Strategy in Learning and Teaching