The Uses Of Information Technology in Education

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I wish to welcome and congratulate the entire FUNAAB Students on their resumption of the First Semester 2016/2017 academic Session, I wish everyone Success. Last week, we discussed on the Role of Information Technology in Education that is, how Information technology in education has improved and has also brought about an easy access to different learning resources. I hope you find it interesting.


This week, we want to continue in the series with the Uses of Information Technology in Education.  The evolution of technology has brought about with it, several benefits the world over. Apart from enhancing efficiency, it has turned the world into a global village and made access to information quite easy. The education sector has also not been left behind in tapping into the deep resource-well of technology. The use of information technology in education has become more than just an option. For effective learning, the education sector stakeholders have found ways of integrating the use of information technology in the everyday learning processes.


Access to learning materials


The internet is full of a lot of learning materials that the learner can access and use to supplement whatever is provided for them in the classroom. There are e-books, revision guides and past examination papers that are available on the World Wide Web and students can take advantage of these to improve their knowledge base. Learning institutions are to provide computers and internet facilities that the students can use for this purpose.


Continuous learning


In the modern world, you don’t have to be in the classroom to learn. Using information technology in education has made it possible for students to keep on learning, irrespective of where they are. Teachers can send assignments to students and they can complete and submit them even without physically stepping into the classrooms and so learning never has to stop. Students can keep on learning even when they are at home. This has greatly enhanced efficiency in the education sector.


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