DEPLORABLE CAMP/ALABATA ROAD: Management Embarks On Rescue Mission -Solution underway

The nightmare being experienced by members of the University Community over the deplorable state of Camp/Alabata Road will soon become a thing of the past, as the University’s Management is reaching out to appropriate authorities and concerned stakeholders to facilitate major rehabilitation.

The Registrar of the University, Dr. ‘Bola Adekola disclosed Management’s efforts to repair the road in an exclusive chat with FUNAAB Bulletin.

 Dr. Adekola who attributed frequent breakdown of the University’s shuttle buses to the poor state of the ever busy Camp/Alabata Road said Management was already aware of the threat, not only to FUNAABOT fleet but also to the vehicles of members of staff and other commuters plying the road.

Consequently, the Registrar articulated pro-active measures taken by Management to fix the road while thanking Government for previous efforts at rehabilitating it.

According to the Registrar, “Management, led by the Vice-Chancellor has tried to reach out to public office holders such as the Chairman of Odeda Local Government’s twice, seeking his assistance to salvage some bad portions of the road”.

Speaking further, Dr. Adekola stated that, “Also, discussion is on with some top political class in Abuja to see how they can help us attract government attention to the need for the rehabilitation of the road in the 2019 budget”.

The Registrar added that “There is also another group that is currently working on the possibility of getting the World Bank to assist with the rehabilitation of the road through a particular project and partnership with the Bank”.

Dr. Adekola further revealed that “we are also speaking with companies mining granite along the road to assist in rehabilitating the road which their trucks use everyday”.

The Registrar, however, emphasized that “For Management, we are not only working on how we can get more of our buses on the road, more importantly, we are looking at the road as a major hindrance that must be fixed as soon as possible”.

Corroborating Dr. Adekola in a separate interview with FUNAAB Bulletin, the Dean of Student Affairs, Professor Babatunde Idowu said, “The University, in conjunction with a particular Local Government is trying to do a kind of face-lift on the road”.

Should Management efforts sail through, members of the University Community and other users of the Camp/Alabata Road will soon heave a sigh of relief from back-ache, constant breakdown of their vehicles and “contributions” to automobile Engineers, who in the recent time have been on the increase along the road.

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