Oyelami, A.T. Publications

Selected Publications

  1. Oyelami, A.T., and Adejuyigbe, S.B. (2006); The Design of a Radiation-Recuperative Heat Exchanger for a 200kg Capacity Rotary Furnace; Assumption University Journal of Technology {AU J.T. 10(2),} Thailand; pp 93-100) (http://www.journal.au.edu/abacjourtech_index.html)


  1. Oyelami, A.T. and Adejuyigbe, S.B. (2007); Software Development for the Design of a Recuperator-Incorporated Rotary Furnace; Association for the Advancement of Modelling and Simulation Techniques in Enterprises (A.M.S.E.) Journals, La Demi-Lune, France (A.M.S.E. Journals, Vol. 76, No5, pp 1-13) (amse-modeling.org.htm)
  2. Oyelami A.T., A.K. Ogunkoya, O.D. Ogundare, and B.A. Olunlade (2012); Finite Elements Analysis of Weldments with H- and P-Elements of Differing Orders of Interpolating Polynomials.

Pacific Journal of Science and Technology. 13(1):67-77.

  1. Oyelami, A.T., Adejuyigbe, S.B. and Waheed, M.A. (2012); Modeling and Simulation of Thermodynamic Properties of Streams in High-Temperature Melting Furnaces

Nigerian Journal of Materials Science and Engineering (NJMSE); 3(1): pp 36-43 (www.msn-ng.org)

  1. Oyelami A.T., S.B. Adejuyigbe, M.A. Waheed, A.K. Ogunkoya, and D. Iliya (2012); Analysis of Radial-Flow Impellers of Different Configurations. Pacific Journal of Science and Technology. 13(1):24-33. (http://www.akamaiuniversity.us/PJST13_1_24.pdf)


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