Ilori, B.M: Research Conducted


  1. Toll-like receptor 5 polymorphism and their association with resistance to trypanosomiasis in Nigerian sheep
  2. Evolution and diversity of candidate innate disease genes for infectious diseases in African ruminants
  3. Characterization of polymorphisms at innate candidate resistance genes for infectious diseases in African ruminants
  4. Genetic diversity analysis of African sheep using 50k SNP
  5. Mapping coat colour in East African Shorthorn zebu
  6. Comparative exome sequencing in domestic and wild bovids

(ii)           In progress

  1. Effect of selection and genetic improvement  on Nigeria native breeds   of     chicken
  2. Genome-wide structure and diversity of two West African sheep breeds
  3. Gene expression analysis of leptin and ghrelin and their receptors in the reproductive organs of pullets
  4. Genome-wide association studies for plumage colour and structure of Nigerian indigenous chicken