Oladoyinbo, C.A.,: Research

(i) Completed

  1. Dietary Diversity and Nutrient Intake adequacy among Adult Women in Iwo Local Government Area of Osun State.
  2. Nutritional Status, Malaria and Prevalence of Anemia among Under-Five Children in Abeokuta South Local Government Area in Ogun State
  3. Nutritional status and intestinal parasitic infection among primary school children in Ogun state.
  4. Development and standardization of complementary foods made from locally available food products.

 (ii) In Progress

  1. Implementation Research on assessment of the school feeding program in Osun state
  2. A Qualitative Exploration of Factors Responsible for Delays in or Late Presentation among Men with Prostate Cancer in Nigeria
  3. Diabetes and Hypertension among adults in Ogun State
  4. Reasons for non-adherence to dietary advice among hypertensive patients attending hospitals in Ogun state.

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