Amisu, A.A. Publications:

THESIS (In view):

Influence of phosphorus sources and sowing methods on yields and nutritive quality of fresh herbage and hay from two Stylosanthes varieties (Ph.D thesis in view)


Influence of phosphorus sources, application rates and sowing methods on the dry matter yield and nutritive quality of Stylosanthes hamata (M. Agric. Dissertation).

Effects of manure type, cutting height and growth stage on in vitro gas production of two Panicum maximum varieties (B. Agric project)

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Olanite, J. A., Jimoh, S. O., Adeleye O. O., Ojo, V. O. A., Amisu, A. A., Ewetola, I. A., Okuribido, S. (2018). Assessment of some macromineral concentration of a grass/legume sward in relation to livestock requirements. Bulletin of Animal Health Production in Africa, 66 (1): 95 – 104.

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