ASHINDORBE K.A: Research Conducted

Research in Progress

  1. Ashindorbe Kelvin & Afaktapa Fortune & Owonikoko Saheed. Civilian Joint Task Force and Nigeria’s Counter-Terrorism Operation: A Critique of the Community Based Approach to Insecurity.
  2. Ashindorbe Kelvin & Owonikoko Saheed. Between Continuity and Change: Mapping Election Related Violence in Nigeria 1999-2019
  3. Nnabuihe, Ernest & Ashindorbe Kelvin. Challenges to Sustainable Democratic Governance, National Security and Regional Integration in West Africa.
  4. Ashindorbe Kelvin. Two Decades of Democracy in Nigeria: Between Consolidation and Regression.
  5. Ashindorbe Kelvin. The Context of Inconclusive Elections and the Implications for Democratic Consolidation in Nigeria.
  6. Femi Otubanjo & Ashindorbe Kelvin. Military Transition under Abdulsalam Abubakar: An Assessment
  7. Ashindorbe Kelvin. Vaccine Nationalism and the Quest for Indigenous Covid-19 vaccine in Nigeria
  8. Nnabuihe, Ernest, Ashindorbe Kelvin. Politics of Security Sector Reform: Violence and the Emergence of Regional Security Outfits in Nigeria
  9. Nnabuihe Ernest, Ashindorbe Kelvin. Exit and Voice: Diaspora Population and National Development in Post-Military Nigeria
  10. Ashindorbe Kelvin & Victor Ita. Federalism in Switzerland. Book Project Title: Federalism: Theory and Comparative Perspectives.
  11. Ashindorbe Kelvin. Constitutional Arrangement in Federal Systems. Book Project Title: Federalism: Theory and Comparative Perspectives.

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