ASHINDORBE K.A: Publications

  • Micheal Oko & Ashindorbe Kelvin 2014. Securing Critical Infrastructure: The Role of Private Security Services in Nigeria. By Journal of the Society for Peace Studies and Practice, Vol.1 No.3, March 2014.
  • Nathaniel Danjibo & Ashindorbe Kelvin 2018. The pattern of political party formation and the search for national integration in Nigeria. Brazilian Journal of African Studies e-ISSN 2448-3923 | ISSN 2448-3907 | Porto Alegre | v.3, n.5 |
  • Ashindorbe Kelvin and Owoniko Babajide 2017 .Religion, Radicalisation and Terrorism in Nigeria by in Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism War in Nigeria. A publication of the Department of Sociology University of Lagos.
  • Ashindorbe Kelvin 2018. Electoral Violence and the Challenge of Democratic Consolidation in Nigeria. India Quarterly, Indian Council of World Affairs (ICWA) SAGE Publication Vol. 74(1) 1–14.
  • Ashindorbe Kelvin & Nathaniel Danjibo 2019. Intra-elite Factionalism and the Quest for Sustainable Platforms in Nigeria. Journal of Asian and African Studies.
  • Ashindorbe Kelvin 2019. Contending Issues in the Practice of Democracy and Federalism in Nigeria. Journal of Management and Administration, Sabinet South Africa. JMA Issue I – 2019 ISSN 1728 9157.
  • Owoniko Babajide & Ashindorbe kelvin 2019. “Nigerian Prisons Service and Internal Security Management in Nigeria” Book chapter with the title: Internal Security Management in Nigeria- Perspectives, Challenges and Lessons. Palgrave Macmillan Publishers. DOI
  • Ashindorbe Kelvin & Seun Bamidele 2019. Insurgency and Population Displacement in North-East Nigeria: An Assessment of State Management Strategies. Readings in Peace and Conflict: Essay in honour of Professor Isaac Olawale Albert. A Publication of the Society for Peace Studies and Practice (SPSP).
  • Papers already accepted for publication in journals and chapters in books
  • Ashindorbe Kelvin & Afaktapa Fortune 2019. Civilian Joint Task Force and Nigeria’s Counter-Terrorism Operation: A Critique of the Community Based Approach to Insecurity. Book Chapter with the: Boko Haram’s Campaign of Terror in the Lake Chad Basin: Context, dimensions and future trajectories. Department of Sociology, 5-21 Tory Building, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta. Canada. T6G 2H4.
  • Ashindorbe Kelvin & Victor Ita 2019. Federalism in Switzerland. Book Project Title: Federalism: Theory and Comparative Perspectives. A Publication of University of Nigeria Nsukka
  • Ashindorbe Kelvin 2019. Constitutional Arrangement in Federal Systems. Book Project Title: Federalism: Theory and Comparative Perspectives. A Publication of University of Nigeria Nsukka
    Ashindorbe Kelvin & D.D. Nathaniel 2019. Two Decades of Democracy in Nigeria: Between Consolidation and Regression. Third World Quarterly Routledge Journal
  • Ashindorbe Kelvin 2019. The Context of Inconclusive Elections and the Implications for Democratic Consolidation in Nigeria. A book Project on the 2019 General Elections in Nigeria. Published by the War College Abuja.