THOMPSON O.O: Publications

(1) Thompson, O.O. (2011): “The Role of Nongovernmental Organization in Community Development: A Study of the Ikenne Development Association (I.D.A) in the development of Ikenne Remo, Ogun state, Nigeria 1977- till date.” Unpublished M.A. Dissertation, University of Lagos, Lagos State.

(2) Thompson, O.O. (2007): “The Dynamics of Nigerian Foreign Policy and the UN Peace Mission: A case study of Gen. Murtala and the Angola Question (1975-2006)”. Unpublished B.A Long Essay, University of Benin. Benin City, Edo State

(b) Articles in Learned Journals
1. Thompson, O.O., Ojukwu, C.C. and Nwaorgu, O.G.F. (2016): “United we Fall, Divided we Stand: Resuscitation of the Biafra state secession and the National Question Conundrum” Journal of Research in Development, Vol 14 (1): 255-267 Publisher: Department of Maritime Studies, Federal University of Technology, Owerri (FUTO).

2. Thompson, O.O. (2016): “Maternity Leave, what about paternity leave? Child care and the Social Inclusion question in Nigeria” Gender & Behaviour, 14 (1): 6966-6974 Publisher: Ife Psychological Studies, OAU, Ile Ife.
3. Aduradola, R. R., Thompson, O.O. andAdebiyi, A.(2016): “Impact of Video Media Technology as instructional aid on learning at tertiary level” ELTT 12 (1): 25-36 Publisher: National Association of Teachers and Researchers of English as a Second Language, Nigeria.
4. Thompson, O.O.,Njemanze, P.O.M., Aduradola, R.R., Onifade, C.A. and Boge, F.I.O. (2015): “A Dereliction of the Child Rights’ Act: A Diagnosis of a Pretext in Nigerian Context” IRORO16 (1):16-36. Publisher: Faculty of Arts, Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma. Edo state.
5. Thompson, O.O.(2012): “Gender Violence in Nigeria: An Unremitting Allotment of a Frankenstein” Journal ofHumanities, Social Sciences and Creative Arts Volume 7: 14-29. Publisher: Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta.

(c). Articles Accepted for Publication Nil

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(f). Monographs Nil