University Library Goes Digital

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March 5, 2021

For enhanced access to library services, the ‘Nimbe Adedipe’s Library has gone fully digital with the recent procurement of state-of-the-art equipment. The items, according to the University Librarian, Dr. Feyintola Onifade include the Book-eye Professional Scanner, Radio Frequency Identification Software, and Digital Library Signage, among others.

Dr. Fehintola Onifade, displaying one of the software at the library.

Speaking further, she said the University Library was ready for the digitalisation of its materials, which include students’ theses, lecturers’ dissertations, and other intellectual materials emanating from the University which, according to her, would help increase the library’s visibility not only to the University, but also to the world. The University Librarian explained that the Book-eye Professional Scanner would serve the specific purpose of converting the hard copy to soft copy. Thus, it would improve students’ academic standards by providing them access to available books whenever and wherever they are. Dr. Onifade disclosed that the University was also working towards automating the library.

The University Digital Library.

According to her, ”The library is the house or store of knowledge, so we are trying to put things in a form that it will be available for all and not be restricted by location, so we have what we call Radio Frequency Identification Software (RFID) for security so that our books will not be mutilated”. Reiterating the multiple functions of RFID, she explained that apart from being a security tool, it would equally improve the library’s Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC), thereby making it possible to reach a wider range of users by enhancing library services in such a way that they would give room for users to loan out books on their own, which would reduce long queues, eliminate the error of duplications, enable the library to serve its users better, faster and improve the academic image of the University.

Dr. Fehintola Onifade reading some of the books at the University Library.

Aside from the digital equipment, the University Library has gone extra mile to create new learning centers, which are known as Learning Common Rooms (LCR) in the library for students; both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Speaking on the idea behind LCR, Dr. Onifade said it would enable students to use the Internet for interactive and educational purposes where students can ask questions and view online videos of what they are being taught without disturbing other e-library users in their learning process. While recollecting the importance of the library, she noted that “The library is not only about books, but about information. It is like hidden treasures, so books are not only meant to be carried about, but it can also carry someone to places one has not been”, as she advised that everyone should get used to and make proper use of the library.

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