FUNAAB Safety Club Holds Seminar … As Dons Charge Students to Value Education

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August 12, 2021

The Grand Patron, FUNAAB Safety Club, Prof. Chryss Onwuka has reiterated the importance of education to achieving meaningful success in life.

Speaking during a Seminar organised by the Safety Club titled “Chronicles of Leaders”, Prof. Onwuka, disclosed that education provides the gateway to knowledge and opportunities which ordinarily might never have been possible to achieve their dreams and aspirations in life.

According to him, “grab every given opportunity to make sure you acquire the needed knowledge in life and never stop learning because at every stage of human development, sound education will always stand you out and make you more relevant”. Prof. Onwuka further charged the students to not let the current situation in the country discourage them from aiming higher, stressing that when they are educated, it will give them the template on which they can stand as self-accomplished individuals.

He added that with education comes honour that will make them total men with the ability to make rational decisions and apply decorum in behaviour.

He charged them to be persistent in achieving their life goals, stressing that irrespective of their course of study, they should be focused and read as much as possible because education will sharpen their focus and intellect.

Prof. Onwuka however admonished them to be humble and be of good morals, stating that if they claim to be educated and arrogant, they are far from being educated.

Similarly, Director, SIWES, Prof. Francisca George while sharing her life’s experience with the Safety Club members, charged them to set positive goals that can effect positive changes in their lives.

Speaking on what attracted her to lecturing, she disclosed that though she had dilemma in choosing a career, she was endeared to the profession because of her Lecturers while in school.

According to her, “I was faced with the dilemma at one point or the other in my life mostly in the issue of career. Medicine was my first love but because I could not stand the sight of blood, I opted for Pharmacy but finally ended up as a Lecturer. Meanwhile, I was attracted to lecturing because of how well my Lecturers appeared while I was in school and how well they were treated and since then, I determined to become one despite the various challenges and delays around me”.

She encouraged them to avoid being influenced by the circumstances around them, find their passion, and set good personal and academic standards, stating that the race is not for the swift.

Prof. George also advised them to follow God’s plan for their life and be focused, stressing that God has good plans for everyone and if they are patient enough to follow it, they will end up being the best.

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